Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

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Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki by Mind Map: Enchantment  by Guy Kawasaki

1. Enchantment

1.1. Process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or idea

1.2. It causes a voluntary change of hearts and minds, and therefore actions

1.3. It is not manipulation of people to get your way

1.4. Outcome is voluntary and long-lasting support that is mutually beneficial

2. Why enchantment

2.1. To fill them with great delight

2.2. Convince people to dream the same dream as you, despite the many obstacles

2.3. One must understand what people are thinking, feeling, and believing in order to enchant them

2.4. Put yourself in their place and ask the same questions they're asking

2.4.1. What does this person want (motives)?

2.4.2. Is the change worth the effort (cost-benefit analysis)?

2.4.3. Can I change?

2.5. It's a marathon, not a sprint

3. How to achieve likability

3.1. First impressions

3.2. Accept others before they accept you

3.3. Get close and make frequent contact

3.4. Don't impose your values

3.5. Pursue and project your passions

3.6. Find shared passions

3.7. Create win-win situations

3.8. Yes attitude

4. How to achieve trustworthiness

4.1. People can like you but not trust you

4.2. Trust others

4.3. Be good-natured, honest, fair, kind, transparent - a "mensch"

4.4. Disclose your interests

4.5. Give for intrinsic reasons

4.6. Gain knowledge and competence (doing)

4.7. Interact with people (physically & virtually)

4.8. Make a bigger pie in lieu of eating more of the same pie

4.9. Enchant people on their own terms

4.10. Position yourself

4.10.1. What you do

4.10.2. Why you exist

4.10.3. What's your sentence?

4.11. Be a hero

5. How to prepare

5.1. Do something great

5.2. Qualities of a great product

5.2.1. Deep (many features)

5.2.2. Intelligent

5.2.3. Complete

5.3. Conduct premortems

5.4. Set yourself up for success

5.5. Make it short, simple, and swallowable

5.6. Provide default options

5.7. Establish and communicate goals

6. How to launch

6.1. More than press releases, data dumps, assertions, and sales pitches

6.2. Captivate people's interest and imagination by telling compelling stories

6.3. It is faith that moves mountains, not facts

6.4. Immerse people in your cause

6.5. Promote trial

6.6. Prime the product

6.7. Plant many seeds

6.8. Figure out number and kind of choices

6.9. Illustrate points

6.10. Get your first follower

7. How to overcome resistance

7.1. Why people are reluctant

7.1.1. Inertia

7.1.2. Hesitation

7.1.3. Fear of making a mistake

7.1.4. Lack of role models

7.1.5. Your cause sucks

7.2. Perception of ubiquity

7.3. Perception of scarcity

7.4. Provide social proof

7.5. Show people your magic

7.6. Find great example

7.7. Find a way to agree

7.8. Find a bright spot

7.9. Assign a label

7.10. Use data to change mind-set

7.11. Enchant all the influencers

7.12. Frame your competition

8. How to make enchantment endure

8.1. Strive for internalization

8.2. Separate the believers from nonbelievers

8.3. Push implementation down

8.4. Use intrinsic methods

8.5. Invoke reciprocity

8.6. Catalyze commitment and consistency

8.7. Build an ecosystem

8.8. Diversify your team

8.9. Promote spreadability

9. How to use technology

9.1. General principles

9.1.1. Engage fast, many, and often

9.1.2. Provide value, info, insights, and assistance

9.1.3. Give credit and benefit of doubt

9.1.4. Don't take any crap

9.1.5. Limit promotion and disclose conflicts

9.2. How to use push technology

9.2.1. Presentations

9.2.2. E-mail

9.2.3. Twitter

9.3. How to use pull technology

9.3.1. Web sites and blogs

9.3.2. Facebook

9.3.3. LinkedIn

9.3.4. YouTube

10. How to enchant your employees

10.1. Provide mastery, autonomy, and purpose

10.2. Empower them to do the right thing

10.3. Judge your results and others' intentions

10.4. Address your shortcomings first

10.5. Suck it up

10.6. Don't ask employees to do what you wouldn't do

10.7. Celebrate success

10.8. Find a devil's advocate

10.9. Good boss manifesto

10.10. Tell them what you want

10.11. How to enchant volunteers

11. How to enchant your boss

11.1. Make your boss look good

11.2. Drop everything and do what your boss asks

11.3. Underpromise, overdeliver

11.4. Prototype your work

11.4.1. Produce quick outline

11.4.2. Show your thinking

11.4.3. Ask for feedback

11.5. Show and broadcast progress

11.6. Form friendships

11.7. Ask for mentoring

11.8. Deliver bad news early

12. How to resist enchantment

12.1. Avoid tempting situations

12.2. Look far into the future

12.3. Know your limitations

12.4. Beware of pseudo salience, data, and experts

12.5. Don't fall for example of one

12.6. Defy crowd

12.7. Track previous decisions

12.8. Create a checklist

12.9. Let yourself be enchanted in small ways