Brainstorm for online teaching & learning branching scenario

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Brainstorm for online teaching & learning branching scenario by Mind Map: Brainstorm for online teaching & learning branching scenario

1. Student basics

1.1. students' point of view

1.1.1. how do I know how much time to spend on an assignment - missing the point

1.1.2. managing the workload - i.e., too much work is being given

1.2. Students' point of view

1.2.1. life problems How do I Learn remotely? Learning remotely Unreliable technology (internet connections ejejejje what language is this?? No space to work/competition for space and tech in household mental health & sense of well-being satualtion point (tired) Different time zones Some kinds of disabilities that are not accommodated in an online environment or are enhanced by an online environment

1.2.2. Managing my learning too many platforms overloaded with work I'm not motivated Disabliity issues - reading issues, difficulty following instructions tech phobia how to self regulate - self pace learning Isolation/lack of social learning opportunities outside of class How to facilitate communcation/community building between students

1.2.3. learning problems too many platforms I'm not motivated don't have good study skills or time-management skills for online learning Disabliity issues - reading issues, difficulty following instructions tech phobia Saturation/exhaustion fear & anxiety about the future students want feedback - teachers don't have the time to give a lot of feedback Lack of acknowledgement or celebrating achievements overloaded with work marathon of videos to watch - 2 or 3 videos per course

2. What do you want to do? (what are you having problems with replicating or creating in an online environment?)

2.1. Basic - getting started

2.1.1. Teachers's point of view life problems Teaching remotely My kids are at home personal responsibilities & interruptions I am overwhelmed! saturation points - can't take any more information in Saturation (we are all exhausted) pedagogical problems institutional demands How can I manage my class time online overloaded with work technological problems Too much screen time How to use ANY internet technology how to I filter to decide what tech I need Being available to my students "where they are" (mio is not working anymore!) How do I assess my students... For knowledge/understanding? (conceptual/higher level thinking) I don't have time to grade students work - don't have time to give feedback

2.2. mid-level - in between

2.2.1. teacher's point of view life problems Feeling isolated in our struggles not knowing what my student's situation is and how to deal with it pedagogical problems What do I do if we go back to teaching IN campus? How do I "flip back" having to prepare materials in different modalities for students who aren't getting it in one level Students spending too much time on activities or the wrong activities in the wrong way (especially asynchronous) How do I set up group work effectively in an online environment? How do I present content in an accessible, interactive way? How do make best use of the synchronous time - this is answering the students' needing interaction How do I know that my students get it? technology problems how do I deal with tech UDL idea of "multiple means" is difficult/time consuming to produce (e.g. multiple ways of giving instructions or presenting content) searching for tools vs. using tools (too many tools) time to learn the new tools assessment problems teachers don't have time to correct assignments - students need feedback

2.3. Advanced

2.3.1. how to effectively use technology problems time to learn about how to use the tool

2.3.2. Assessments are not working online Competing variables Valid/effective/meaningful Inclusive (re: tech/disability etc.) Avoiding cheating What if the system I am using crashes during a test Are my students getting it? (lack of feedback from students d/t no video, students not coming online) how do we do formative assessment or CATs online?

2.3.3. Replicating lab environment is very difficult And even more difficult to assess procedural knowledge (when equipment or models are required) How do I provide my students opportunities to PRACTICE skills and get feedback in an online environment?

2.3.4. pedagogical problems Hard to find solutions that are the right level or that solve a specific problem more ways to engage students in novel ways

2.3.5. life problems how to share what I know and learn from my colleagues who know technologies for collaboration

3. Upper level needs