za n zee

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za n zee by Mind Map: za n zee

1. variety

1.1. everyone has their own choice

1.1.1. there is a za n zee for everyone

1.1.2. my choice is best

1.1.3. i am what i am

2. Product Insight

2.1. variety of flavours

2.2. contemporary taste

2.3. trendy , in terms of look and feel

2.4. on a process of continues change

2.5. fun

2.6. cold

2.7. happening

3. Consumer insight

3.1. everyone is unique

3.2. reality is harsh, teens like to taste life lightly

3.3. teens want to teach things differently

3.4. shit happens, we have to deal with it

3.5. social practices are boring

3.6. everyone is not winner, no big deal

3.7. friend gives hug, best friend kicks

3.8. why not everyday is a fun day?

3.9. gang is power