Educate to all forms of discrimination against women and girls

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Educate to all forms of discrimination against women and girls by Mind Map: Educate to all forms of discrimination against women and girls


1.1. Source: Youtube

1.2. Six students were killed at the University of Califonrnia after that a student shoots them with a gun. The killer justified his acts in a video that he posted in Youtube: He explains that his killings were due to the rejection of women towards him and that they deserved what happened. After this incidents many women and personalities tweeted with the hastag: #YESALLWOMEN to denounce this murder and to alert the world about the gender agression.

2. The problem :To promote gender equality, do we have to go through the law to adopt measures against sexism and discrimination against women or do we need a collective conscience awareness?



3.1.1. Source: Learning Hub

3.2. Result: E-BOOK from the Learning Hub "Executive Remuneration Contracting: Managerial Power, Corporate Payout, and Gender Discrimination"

3.2.1. There is a gap betwwen salaries of male and female in top corparate jobs. I find that total compensation of female executives is lower than that of male executives. In the contrary it seemed that there is not a significant difference in total compensation of male CEOs compared to female CEOs


4.1. KEY WORD: Causes of gender descrimination in the company executive level

4.1.1. Source: GOOGLE

4.2. Result: Article from the STRAITS TIMES "Women directors 'paid less than men"

4.2.1. The article shows that women are paid less because they have less influential roles in board. In order to have better revenus women need to be more representative and present in the top executive positions.

5. THEME 3: Turning to the point of physical and sexual harrassement

5.1. KEY WORD: Physical and sexual harrassement

5.1.1. Source: GOOGLE

5.2. Result: Article from FAIRYGODBOSS "5 Disturbing Sexual Harassment Statistics We Can't Afford to Ignore"

5.2.1. Some facts and statitiscts are established in this article: I learned that at least 25 % percent of women were exposed to sexual harrasment in work. The majority of them don't report it by fear to be fired. A more important point that I have to mention : 55 % of complaints of harrasement were related to sexual harrasement and that represents the majority regarding to the other types of harrassment ( relgion, origin, age, disability)

6. THEME 4:Doing a research of precedent big cases related to sexual or physical aggression

6.1. Result : Video on Youtube "#YesAllWomen: Rebecca Solnit on the Santa Barbara Massacre & Viral Response to Misogynist Violence"

7. THEME 5: Finding a book that denounces the gender inequality


7.1.1. Source: Youtube

7.2. Result : Video of the presentation of the book on Youtube "Book TV: Rebecca Solnit, "Men Explain Things to Me"

8. THEME 7 : I orient my research to more general facts

8.1. KEY WORDS: Women's rights in the World

8.1.1. Source: Google

8.2. Result: An article in the Lily "8 restrictions on women’s rights around the world"

8.2.1. Despite the fact that some improvements were made in terms of female rights recently , some of them still not exist in some countries even in the more developped ones. There is the example of rapists that can claim for parental rights in some states in the U.S or the prohibition for women to drive in Saudia Arabia.

9. THEME 6: Knowing more about the concept of MANSPLAINING

9.1. KEYWORD:Podcast Mansplainning

9.1.1. Source: GOOGLE

9.2. Result: Podcast: "The English We speak"

9.2.1. I understood the meaning of the Mansplaining term. Generally it refers to a men that explains a women something that she already knows with a condescending tone. This action is driven by the fact that regarding he's a man he necessarly knows more than a women and he has to teach her more about some competences. The podcast shows a few examples of this phenomena with a raise of the denounciation and the irritation from women.I

9.2.2. The book of REBBECCA SOLNIT is an essay collection that denounces the slience of women toward the abuse of power of men. Relating its own experience she denounces the fact that a men seems always to be right when he discusses with a women. This phenomen will be called Mansplaining later and it will be one of the concepts that the feminists uses to denounce the gender inequality.

10. THEME 8: Research to seek to potential improvements in women's rights

10.1. KEY WORDS: The greatest activists for Women's rights

10.1.1. Source:Google

10.2. Result: An article from The Global Citizen "12 Female Activists You Didn’t Know Are Changing the World"

10.2.1. There is a lot of activist women around the world. Everyone of them fights for the female rights in their respective country. For instance a women called Asieh Amini defends the women that have sex outside the marriage. In India Rashmi Misra opened free schools for poor girls where they can have a rigourous education. Finally an Afghanistanian girl named Sonita Alizadeh created a song to denounce the forced child marriage in her country.

11. THEME 9: Focus on the profile of an activist in Social Media

11.1. KEY WORDS: Liya Kebede

11.1.1. Source: Facebook

11.2. Result : the Facebook page of Liya Kebede Foundation

11.2.1. The Top Model Liya Kebede is an acitvist for the women rights. She has a Facebook page dedicated to its fundation that promote a bettter access to the healthcare system to Ethiopian women. The main goal of this fundation is to garantee a safe birth to childs. This personnalty hired workers to assist mothers in Ethiopia. By its action the celebrity pointed out the important place that have a mother in a society. She also alert to the rest of the world that either basic healthcare needs are not accessible in her country.

12. THEME 10: Illustrate an Example of inequalties in a given country

12.1. KEY WORDS: Gender inequality

12.1.1. Source: The learning hub

12.2. Result : An e-book from the Learning Hub "Le grand livre l'égalité femmes – hommes : Réfléchir autrement – Agir pleinement"

12.2.1. In France women represent 56.9% of students in the university however they are paid 24% less than men in their jobs.Another fact to underline, on the political scene women represent only 26.9% of the deputies in the national assembly. In the social aspect we have 82% of parents who stop working to look after their child that are women. Finally on average a women pass 3 hours and 26 minutes doing household chores when a men only attribute 2 hours and 24 minutes for that.

13. THEME 11: Finding solutions for gender equality

13.1. KEY WORDS: Solutions to promote gender equality

13.1.1. Source:GOOGLE

13.2. Result: An article in the Guardian "12 steps to achieve gender equality in our lifetimes"

13.2.1. A few actions can be taken in order to support the gender equality: Some laws must be created to stop child marriage and sexual harassment. The authorities have to give a better access to education to women . The families should encourage women to work into non-traditional vocations and finally the companies have to get women into power positions.

14. the explanation of my synthesis:The problem of gender equality can be solved with an action plan of governments that will establish laws to give more importance to women in society. We can think of laws where we can impose equal pay between men and women while severely reprimanding sexual harassment. On the other hand, the evolution of mentalities can be done within society through education and in an environment where women hold more senior positions.