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It Is A Thing Development by by Mind Map: It Is A Thing Development by

1. 3. Strategy

1.1. Make it a non-big brother fun environment were men and woman can share things that they love to do. Guys can show off their toys from guns, to cars, to plane, hunting and fishing trips and normal testosterone filled guy things. Woman would do the same with their interests. Bring in a couple of Key Players that have followings and figure out how the help monetize them as they bring in their audience.

2. 1. Objectives

2.1. Set up a portal where people can share their own Pix, Video, Memes, And Story board. There will also be a Market Place, And Each user could have their own store as an upgrade possibly? Depends on how much we want to spend on development. This might be Version 2.0 or 3.0.

3. 2. Audience

3.1. Sex Based Or Interest Based Audience with a place for guys to be guys and woman to be women. Or Car Lovers to hang out.

4. 4. Features

4.1. Everyone will have their own place, where they can have their own blogs or story, with pix, text, videos, and audio.

5. 5. UI/UX

5.1. For the MVP or Minimum Viable Product, for layouts, and functionality, the base will be built on WordPress for proof of concept. Sony, BBC America, Tech Crunch and millions of others currenty use the well known open source software. It may be moved over to Python or another base in order to scale. However, WordPress will allow for a rapid and an inexpenise delvelopment of the functionaly and the look and feel of the site.

6. 6. Deliverables

6.1. Overall layout of the Individual Member's Space, then add the basic functionality for text, pic, audio, and video layouts, with instant messaging and sharing, along with a market place. This will be proof of concept for basic design and layout. Speed to market is important and the goal is to have a functional system with all of the basics working within 8 weeks.