Kursus Pengenalan Drone

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Kursus Pengenalan Drone by Mind Map: Kursus Pengenalan Drone

1. Pengenalan

1.1. Apa Itu Drone?

1.2. Penggunaan Drone

1.3. Masa Depan Dengan Drone

1.4. Drone Dalam STEM

1.5. Kemajuan Daripada Q Aerotech

2. Kesedaran tentang Keselamatan Dalam Penerbangan

2.1. Regulations 140 - 144

2.2. Safety Tips

2.2.1. Drone Safety Tips

2.2.2. Register your drone

2.2.3. Fly your drone at or below 400 feet

2.2.4. Keep your drone within your line of sight

2.2.5. Be aware of FAA Airspace Restrictions

2.2.6. Respect privacy

2.2.7. Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports

2.2.8. Never fly over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people

2.2.9. Never fly near emergencies such as fires or hurricane recovery efforts

2.2.10. Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol

2.3. Pause

3. Q Playpack

3.1. Senarai Kelengkapan

3.1.1. Drone Set Drone Alat Kawalan Jauh Bateri

3.1.2. Flying Cage Sains Teknologi Engineering Mathematics

4. References

4.1. Smart Technology for Sustainable Curriculum:

4.1.1. Using Drone to Support Young Students’ Learning

4.2. Stem Presentation by dr Ihsan

4.3. Integrative STEM Lesson for Drones

4.4. From Toys to tools

4.5. Education in STEM

4.6. Indications for PreK-3

4.6.1. Children are active and engaged

4.6.2. Goals are clear and shared by all

4.6.3. Curriculum is evidence-based

4.6.4. Valued content is learned through investigation, play, and focused, intentional teaching

4.6.5. Curriculum builds on prior learning and experiences

4.6.6. Curriculum is comprehensive

4.6.7. Professional standards validate the curriculum’s subject-matter content

4.6.8. Research and other evidence indicates that the curriculum, if implemented as intended, will likely have beneficial effects

4.7. Drone Scavenger Hunt

4.8. Skill Drills

4.9. Droneblocks

4.10. From Toys to tools