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My skill - Juana Vivero

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My skill by Mind Map: My skill

1. How easy or difficult is it to learn this skill?

1.1. Drawing

1.1.1. Is an artistic activity that anyone can easily learn.

1.1.2. Is a discipline that is learned, not born with this ability.

1.2. From a small child to an adult,

1.2.1. They are able to develop his artistic ability in drawing

1.3. Inspiration and motivation in drawing

1.3.1. Is something that can be worked on.

2. My skill is drawing.

2.1. Since I was little I have been struck by artistic drawing where creating great designs, images and portraits based on figures fascinates me.

2.2. Drawing is my way of expressing my feelings.

2.3. I usually draw what I like.

2.4. I draw portraits of my family, of places that I really like.

3. Why is this a good skill to learn?

3.1. Artistic drawing

3.1.1. Allows a person to improve fine motor skills and writing.

3.2. It is a means

3.2.1. That allows to express feelings, emotions and sensations.

3.3. It helps to relax

3.3.1. develops artistic sense,

3.3.2. develops logical and mathematical skills.

3.4. It also develops creativity and increases self-confidence.

4. What are some good ways for people to learn this skill?

4.1. To learn to draw the person must:

4.1.1. 1. Focus.

4.1.2. 2. Set Real Goals.

4.1.3. 3. Learn to draw by yourself.

4.1.4. 4. Let creativity flow.

4.1.5. 5. Do not get carried away by negative criticism.

4.2. After being sure that he wants to draw, the person must:

4.2.1. 1. Physical Exercise Create marks on something, train the hand to work almost automatically with the tool you want to use.

4.2.2. 2. Accuracy Use the tool (PENCIL, BRUSH, ETC) intentionally, avoiding guesswork.

4.2.3. 3. Draw what you imagine Draw what you know, and more about what you remember.

4.2.4. 4. Style Draw something just the way you want it, no matter what others may expect.