Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Make sure there is structure, bell work is a great method to keep students engaged from the beginning of the day

1.1. Engage class with morning writing about what they have learned from their assignment from the night before

1.2. You can allow group work like think pair share activities

1.2.1. When there is group work or independent study make sure the class recognizes teacher expectations

2. Stay positive through the entire class!

2.1. Make note of the small progress and achievement with each individual student

2.2. Treat every student with respect, acknowledge their thoughts and ideas

2.3. At the end of every class end with a positive affirmation, never end a day negatively

3. When behavior needs to be redirected, do not pull the class's focus away from the lesson

3.1. Encourage group work or discussion & figure out what is going on with the student who is misbehaving

3.1.1. When you get to the root of the problem, give the student their choices for the course of action Give students discipline but also make sure they have some autonomy regarding their learning

4. If something isn't working in the class what can YOU do better?

4.1. make sure your expectations are clear from the beginning

4.1.1. Play around with the seating arrangement, find hat really works for YOUR specific class Plan ahead...... for everything!

5. You must start with the idea that all students are scholars and capable of learning.

5.1. Every student is a scholar and capable, we must treat them as so

5.2. Use this time to figure out the learning styles of your students, they all work differently so cater to their learning styles