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HRM by Mind Map: HRM

1. Employee Management

1.1. HR Manager

1.1.1. Manage Employee Information Add Employee Update/ View Employee Personal/ Job Information Export Employee info

1.2. Employee

1.2.1. First Time Sign-In Reset pwd View Profile

2. Benefits

2.1. HR Manager

2.1.1. Manage Employee's Benefits Configurations (Backend) employee enrollment eligibility (paygrade, #_of_plan), Renewal process rules Publish Benefits to employees Update - Benefit Attachments Receive benefit request email from employee View Benefits Request

2.2. Employee

2.2.1. View Eligible Benefits Enroll Benefit View Individual Benefit info Compare different benefits

2.2.2. Manage Enrolled Benefits Withdraw Enrolled benefits HR Receives email for withdrawal

3. Leave Management

3.1. Employee

3.1.1. Manage Leaves Apply Leave Trigger email to Reporting Manager View Leave Balance Export My leaves Manage Pending Request Edit / revert pending leave request

3.2. Reporting Manager

3.2.1. Manage Team's leave request View Team Leaves Approve/Reject Leaves Forward leave request to Higher official for approval Override Leave Export Team leaves Delegate approval to another person during absence

3.3. HR Manager

3.3.1. Setup Leave Policy Update leave balance for onboarded employees

3.3.2. Setup Holidays Trigger email to employee

4. Attendance

4.1. Employee

4.1.1. Check-in/ Check-out from home page User can view swipes for current day from the home page

4.1.2. View My Attendance Info View My attendance report Export my attendance info

4.1.3. View My Attendance Regularization Info Alert for missed check-in Regularize Attendance Edit/ Revert Pending Request Trigger email to manager Export my regularization info

4.2. Reporting Manager

4.2.1. View Team's Attendance Export team's Attendance

4.2.2. Manage Team's Regularization Approve/Reject Attendance Regularization request Trigger email to employee Auto Approve Attendance Regularization

4.2.3. View Team Regularization request Forward regularization request to Higher official for approval Skip Level Manager Override Attendance Regularization Trigger email to employee Delegate approval to another person during absence Trigger email to assigned person Export team's Regularization

4.3. HR Manager

4.3.1. Manage Shift Setup Shift Allocate Shift to Employee