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CAN,CAN´T by Mind Map: CAN,CAN´T

1. Conjugations? IT doesn't have. The form is the same, regardless of the person.

2. And it is used followed by the infinitive without to. So the other verb is not conjugated either.

3. The negative is can’t. Like can, it is used with the infinitive without to. It is the same for all people.

4. Here are some examples:

5. I can speak English.

6. You can speak English.

7. He can speak English.

8. She can speak English.

9. We can speak English.

10. They can speak English.

11. I can’t speak Japanese.

12. You can’t speak German.

13. He can’t speak Swahili.

14. She can’t speak Chinese.

15. We can’t speak Portuguese.

16. They can’t speak Italian.