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meals by Mind Map: meals

1. breakfast

1.1. french toast

1.1.1. ingredients butter eggs milk bread

1.1.2. source America's Test Kitchen

1.2. tacos

1.2.1. ingredients salas tortillas onion chorizo cheese eggs

1.2.2. source free ball it

1.3. hash

1.3.1. ingredients rosemary onions garlic potato

1.3.2. source free ball

2. lunch

2.1. indian

2.1.1. ingredients packages rice

2.1.2. source ma head

3. dinner

3.1. fried chicken and mashed potatoes

3.1.1. source taters chicken

3.1.2. ingredients chicken buttermilk garlic powder paprika cayenne pepper chicken tenders all purpose flour baking soda oil taters taters butter milk

3.2. salmon bites

3.2.1. ingredients parsley lemon juice garlic parmesean heavy cream butter old bay salmon

3.2.2. source here

3.3. spanish rice

3.3.1. ingredients cilantro broth garlic white rice jalapeno onion tomato paste tomatos

3.3.2. source slack here

3.4. chicken balls

3.4.1. ingredients cumin paprika tapioca startch garlic ground chicken collard greens

3.4.2. source well fed weekdays

3.5. chicken flautas

3.5.1. source your brain

3.5.2. ingredients flour tortillas chicken breasts paprika garlic powder cumin salsa mexican sour cream

3.6. black bean soup

3.6.1. source pdf here

3.6.2. ingredients dried black beans ham steak bay leaves baking soda onions carrot celery garlic cumin canned chipolte chiles in adobo chicken broth cornstarch lime juice cilantro red onion avocado sour cream

3.7. pork chops with gravy

3.7.1. ingredients all purpose flour garlic powder cayenne pepper whole milk eggs pork chops

3.7.2. source atk

3.8. peppered steak

3.8.1. ingredients rice bell pepper onion flank steak oyster sauce soy sauce corn startch sugar

3.8.2. source ticky tocky

3.9. cajun potato

3.9.1. source

3.9.2. ingredients lemon shrimp parsley heavy cream butter cajun seasoning potato parmesean cheese

3.10. Heaven's Gate tacos

3.10.1. source my brain homie

3.10.2. ingredients tortillas potato onion half paprika bacon eggs green salsa cheese

3.11. Red Beans and Rice

3.11.1. source america's test kitchen

3.11.2. ingredients small red beans bacon onion bell pepper celery rib garlic thyme paprika bay leaves cayenne pepper chicken broth andouille sausage white rice red wine vinegar scallions

4. snacks

4.1. sweet

4.1.1. cereal

4.1.2. strawberries

4.2. salty

4.2.1. cheese and crackers

4.2.2. plantain chips

4.2.3. hummus

4.2.4. Fried Onions Ingredients Chickpea flour Tumeric Coriander Cumin Chili powder Onions Dip Source

4.3. naan bread

4.3.1. greek yogurt

4.3.2. flour

4.3.3. rosemary