Testing and Visualizing Different Types of Data

Types of hypothesis tests for different variable types

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Testing and Visualizing Different Types of Data by Mind Map: Testing and Visualizing Different Types of Data

1. Two Numerical Variables

1.1. Visualization

1.1.1. Scatterplots Also useful for visualizing more than 2 variables (MULTIVARIATE) This graph shows relationships between three numeric variables (birthweight, gestation time, and weight) using X/Y AXES and SIZE and one categorical variable (smoking status) using SHAPE and COLOR

1.2. Correlation Testing (Linear Regression)

1.2.1. Pearson's correlation coefficient

2. Variable Types

3. Two Categorical Variables

3.1. Visualization

3.1.1. Contignency Tables

3.1.2. Bar Plots Stacked Bar Plots Standardized Bar Plots Dodged Bar Plots

3.2. Types of Tests

3.2.1. Chi-Squared Test

4. Numerical and Categorial (Binary) Variable

4.1. Relationship Between Variables

4.1.1. Binary variable is explanatory variable

4.1.2. Numerical Variable is response (target) variable

4.2. Visualization

4.2.1. Box Plots

4.2.2. Histograms Also useful for SINGLE NUMERICAL VARIABLE

4.3. Type of Tests

4.3.1. Null Hypothesis: Difference in the means is zero Paired T-Test When data is paired or comes from the same subject Two Sample T-Test