7th Grade Science

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7th Grade Science by Mind Map: 7th Grade Science

1. Unit 1

1.1. Module 0

1.1.1. The Scientific Method Pre-Observation (potential problem) Research Hypothesis Prediction Test the Prediction Observations of Test Qualitative observation Quantitative observation Iterative Process Conclusion Peer Review/ publish

1.1.2. Powerpoint DRY= Dependent Responsive Y-axis MIX=Manipulated independent X-axis LENSES Label and list Equation Notice Speculate Explain/evaluate Summary

1.1.3. CER Claim Evidence Reasoning

1.1.4. Lab safety Long hair is to be put into a bun or ponytail Droopy clothing is to be removed or tucked into shirt/pants No open toed shoes Safety goggles required, glasses do not count Health hazard colors Blue: Health Red: Flammability Yellow: Chemical reactivity White: Extra info on topic

1.2. Module 1

1.2.1. Lesson 1 Matter Solids Liquids Gas Temperature Thermometer Temperature scales Atoms Energies Kinetic Energy Thermal Energy Potential Energy Elements Elemental table Compounds Substances

1.2.2. Lesson 2 Systems Pressure Heating Jacques Charles Volume Temperature Law Phase changing Melting Freezing Condensation Vaporization

1.2.3. Lesson 3 Robert Boyle Boyle's Law