What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. What I thought technology was before.

1.1. My definition of technology before.

1.1.1. Technology is all around us, it is something that we create to help make our daily lives easier, enjoyable, and even save lives, but it could also bring us harm.

1.2. Military

1.2.1. Examples (White & Burke, 2018) Communication Radio (Pifer, 2020) Nuclear/ Weapons (Halsey, 2015) Radars

1.2.2. Technology helps the Military by making it easier for them to defend their country, establish communication, and form battle strategies.

1.3. Education

1.3.1. Examples (Fresno State Library, n.d.) Calculator (SMART Technologies ULC, 2022) Smart Boards (Rakuten Kobo, n.d.) E-reader (Ciccarelli, 2020) Audio book

1.3.2. Technology makes learning and teaching more interesting, easier, and convenient.

1.4. Travels/ Transportations

1.4.1. Examples (MI News Network, 2021) Ships (Scott, 2020) Airplanes (Beresford & Miller, 2021) Vehicles (Pallini, 2021) Trains

1.4.2. Technology allows us to travel to our destination much quicker and easier. Thanks to technology we can travel anywhere in the world.

1.5. Emergency

1.5.1. Examples (Grace Mary Kanaga & Sujitha Juliet, 2021) Ultrasound (Picture Car Services LTD., n.d.) Emergency Vehicles (France-Presse, n.d.) Magnetic Resonance Imaging/MRI

1.5.2. Technology helps us save lives by allowing us to conduct examinations and finding a solution to health issues. It also can save lives by allowing first responders to reach and save peoples more effectively.

1.6. Entertainment

1.6.1. Examples (Computer Hope, 2020) Cell Phones (Ali, 2021) Tablets/IPads (Cunningham, 2021) Computers (Sponsored Post, 2020) Video Games/ Virtual Reality (Bizzaco & Cohen, 2022) Television

1.6.2. Technology helps us enjoy life through entertainment.

1.7. Home application

1.7.1. Examples (Schwartz, 2022) Sewing Machines (Crist, 2016) Fridge (Food Network Kitchen, 2022) Stove

1.7.2. Technology helps makes our daily life easier and more convenient.

2. Why we need new technology

2.1. We can improve our quality of life by making it easier, enjoyable, and convenient.

2.2. We can sustain life longer.

2.3. To be able to pass down knowledge to future generations.

2.4. Allow us to learn more about our predecessor.

2.5. To help solve humankind's problems.

2.6. Allow our society to evolve and keep up to peoples needs and desires.

2.7. Will allow us to solve any humankind's problems that may arise in the current time or near future.

3. What I think technology is now.

3.1. My definition of technology now.

3.1.1. I have learned that the word technology does not have a definitive definition. There are many ways to interpret what technology means depending on the individual. After reading this module, my term for technology has changed. For me, the word technology now means power because without its humankind would not be able to live as long as we have now. Technology is not just an electronic device, but instead, it is all around us and it defines who we are. Technology can help make people’s lives easier, solve problems, and bring people closer together.

3.2. Technology is much more then just electronic devices.

3.2.1. (What Is Technology, 2019) After watching this video, I have learned that the term technology does not refer only to electronic devices, but other objects as well. Technology is something that allows us to make our lives easier and can help solve our problems.

3.2.2. Examples (Austin et al., 2022) Umbrella "... umbrella helps to keep us dry in the rain..." (What Is Technology, 2019) (Trudoor LLC., n.d.) Locks "... a lock helps to keep our things safe..." (What Is Technology, 2019) (Collins, n.d.) Pencils "... a pencil help to write down information ..." (What Is Technology, 2019) (SuperColoring, n.d.) Fork "... a fork helps us to eat food ..." (What Is Technology, 2019)

3.3. There is no definitive definition because every individuals define technology differently.

3.3.1. Megantz (2002) defined technology as "... a wonderful, amazing, always-changings bags of tricks that help the human being to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives..." (Li-Hua, 2007)

3.3.2. (Kevin Kelly Tells Technology’s Epic Story, 2010) In this video Kevin Kelly stated that Alan Kay believed that "Technology is anything invented after you were born."

3.3.3. Miles (1995) defines technology as "...we apply our understanding of the natural world to the solution of practical problems. It is a combination of "hardware"(buildings, plant and equipment) and "software" (skills, knowledge, experiences together with suitable organisational and institutional arrangement)." (Li-Hua, 2007)

3.4. (The History of Technology in Education, 2011) After watching this video, it helped me see that technology will always keep evolving from its predecessor.

3.5. (Kevin Kelly Tells Technology’s Epic Story, 2010) In this video Kevin Kelly mentions how technology is a force of power and without it, humans would not survive long.

3.6. (Apple Christmas Commercial 2021, 2019) After watching this video, I was able to see how technology is used to bring people closer to one another.

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