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BA 200 Managerial Accounting by Mind Map: BA 200  Managerial Accounting
5.0 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5

BA 200 Managerial Accounting

Introductory Concepts


Vis-a-vis Financial accounting


Major themes

Organizational roles

Course Coverage

Fundamentals and Cost-Accumulation Systems

Cost Management Systems, Activity-Based Costing, and Activity-Based Management

Planning, Control, and Cost Management Systems

Using Accounting Information in Decision Making

Selected Topics for Further Study

Grading Scheme

Class participation 10%

Research Assignments 70%

Final Exam 20%


Managerial Accounting by R.W. Hilton 11th edition

Learning Tasks

Oral & written reports

Active participation in group discussions

Synthesis of the course as experienced

Performance in final examination