What Is Courage?

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What Is Courage? by Mind Map: What Is Courage?

1. Initial Definition

1.1. Questions About Courage

1.2. Category: Virtue

1.3. Differences From Others in Category

1.3.1. Knowledge of What We Should Fear

1.3.2. Knowledege of What We Should Not Fear

1.3.3. Ability to Act on Knowledge of What to Fear

1.3.4. Ability to Act on Knowlege of What Not to Fear

2. Virtue

2.1. A Habit

2.2. An Attitude or Inclination

2.3. Gained Through Years of Practice

2.3.1. An Unpracticed Virtue Isn't a Virtue.

2.3.2. An Example of Unpracticed Virtue from Literature: Lord Jim

2.4. Leads to Happiness

3. What to Fear

3.1. Whatever Makes Us Morally Weak

3.2. Examples

3.2.1. Addictions

3.2.2. Ignorance

3.2.3. Corrupting Pleasures

3.2.4. Indifference to Others

4. What Not to Fear

4.1. Constructive Pain

4.1.1. Pain Can Mean Gain.

4.1.2. Examples from Fitness Training

4.2. Hard Work

4.3. Death

5. Acting on Knowlege of What to Fear

5.1. Developing Constructive Habits

5.2. Examples

5.2.1. Consistently Avoiding Addictions

5.2.2. Physical and Intellectual Conditioning Weight Training Challenging Novels and Films

6. Acting on Knowlege of What Not to Fear

6.1. Developing Constructive Habits

6.2. Examples

6.2.1. Consistently Facing Challenges

6.2.2. Conditioning Oneself Against Intimidation Expressing Disagreement Trying Something New

7. Extremes That Aren't Courage

7.1. Foolhardiness

7.1.1. Definition

7.1.2. Examples

7.2. Cowardice

7.2.1. Definition

7.2.2. Examples

8. Courage in Real Life

8.1. Restate Defintion

8.2. Courage in Extraordinary Situations

8.3. Courage in Ordinary Situations