What is Modern Slavery?

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What is Modern Slavery? by Mind Map: What is Modern Slavery?

1. In It's Many Forms

1.1. Forced Labor

1.1.1. Forced to work under threats of punishment

1.1.2. Usually found in under-regulated industries Agriculture, construction, mining, manufacturing, prostitution and drugs

1.2. Descent Based Slavery

1.2.1. Class of people born into slavery

1.2.2. Cannot own land or inherit property

1.2.3. Freed slaves can be called back into servitude at anytime by their 'master'

1.3. Early/Forced Marriage

1.4. Child Slavery

1.4.1. Used for war, prostitution, hard labor, etc.

1.4.2. 215 million child laborers worldwide

1.4.3. Often given hazardous jobs no one else will do

1.5. Bonded Labor

1.5.1. Loan is taken in exchange for work

1.5.2. High interest makes payoff impossible

1.5.3. Debt can even be passed to children

2. Why?

2.1. Class Seen as Subservient

2.2. High Profits

2.3. Culturally Accepted

2.4. Lack of Education

2.5. Traffickers Perceive Little Risk

3. Domestic Changes

3.1. Reducing Profit Margins

3.1.1. Mandatory disclosure of companies who use forced labor practices

3.2. Demand Reduction

3.2.1. Buy products from companies that have a commitment to fair trade

3.3. Victim Protection

3.3.1. More leniency for victims who are committing crimes not of their own free will

3.4. Accountability

3.4.1. Tougher laws that discourage perpetrators

3.5. Education

3.5.1. A Minneapolis project found only 0.4% of first time offenders put through a one day educational course were later caught again for soliciting prostitution 3 years later

4. International Changes

4.1. Education

4.1.1. Keep the kids in school

4.1.2. Require equality curriculum

4.1.3. Any progression will have to come by influencing the youth

4.2. Globalization

4.2.1. Owning the problem universally

4.3. Harsher Penalties

4.3.1. Mandatory role reversals for offenders

4.4. Consistent Prosecution

4.5. Gender/Human Equality

4.6. United Nations Involvement

4.6.1. Countries must meet basic levels of human rights in order to be part of the UN