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QiGong by Mind Map: QiGong

1. Basic guidelines

1.1. Place

1.1.1. Clean/well ventilated area

1.1.2. No distractions / disturbances

1.2. Daily routine

1.2.1. Be consistent and regular (Same place/same time)

1.2.2. Winter After sunrise

1.2.3. Summer Before sunrise

1.2.4. Try 11pm-1am Transition time of yin/yang energy

1.3. Diet

1.3.1. Don't eat 30-60 minutes before practice

1.3.2. Don't practice when hungry

1.4. Exercise

1.5. Sex and gender issues

1.6. 3 regulations

1.6.1. Wu Ji posture (State of emptiness) Stance Feet shoulder width apart Knees relaxed/not locked/slightly bent Sacrum tucked under/tailbone pointed straight into ground Shoulders dropped/slightly rolled forward/widening the back Chin Tucked/top of head pulled to heavens Weight on balls of feet pressing on kidney meridian/bubbling well points Tip of the tongue placed on roof of mouth behind teeth as if saying the letter 'n'.

1.6.2. Breathing Breathe below the navel Pull chi and oxygen deep into the body to massage the organs Slow Deep Pull breath down into lower abdomen Even Rythmic

1.6.3. Mind Intent (mental posture) Imagine Blood White light Yellow light Imagination guides the mind and the mind guides the smooth flow of the qi Balance of relaxed mind to curiosity and physical awareness to gentle focus on maintaining intention

2. Exercises

2.1. Qi clearing

2.1.1. Pulling down the heavens

2.1.2. Tossing the stone

2.1.3. Shaking the tree

2.1.4. Heel Drop

2.1.5. Center and Balance Meditation (Warm Oil)

2.1.6. White Pearl Meditation Best in WuJi, but can be done lying down or seated

2.1.7. Brushing the meridians (Can also be done with firm patting with cupped hands) Inhale brush outside of arms cross arms while brushing head

2.1.8. Massaging the Yang Organs (digestive system)

2.1.9. Microcosmic orbit meditation tongue at roof of mouth Squeeze anal sphincter Inhale and guide/imagine qi running up spine over head down front and back. End by mentally guiding qi to lower dan tian and storing there

2.1.10. Collecting Heaven and Earth (Bending Over Barrel)

2.1.11. Heart Cleansing Exercise Cradle baby on inhale Push on exhale with Hhaaa sound Heart Meridian leads to heart acupressure point on the inside corner of pinky finger

2.1.12. Spleen Cleansing Exercise WuJi posture Make diamond shape with hands and look at fixed object while twisting left and right Goal is to compress and release stomach and spleen Relax shoulders Breathe deeply with Huuu sound Do 3,9,36 times End by pulling down heavens 3 times

2.1.13. Lung Cleansing Exercise Palms down in front of chest Open curtains while inhaling End by pulling down heavens three times

2.1.14. Liver Move cup ball of energy in middle reverse punch type motion

2.1.15. Kidney move Back of hand on back against kidney Scoop the ground

2.2. Tongue positions

2.2.1. Kidney Curled back

2.2.2. Lung Between teeth

2.2.3. Spleen Down

2.2.4. Heart Behind teeth

2.2.5. Liver Top of mouth

3. Definition of qi

3.1. Yin

3.1.1. Cooling

3.2. Yang

3.2.1. Heating

3.3. Heavenly qi

3.4. Earthly qi

3.5. Prenatal qi

3.5.1. Mother's ovum

3.5.2. Fathers sperm

3.6. Postnatal qi

3.6.1. Food

3.6.2. Air

3.6.3. Drink

3.6.4. Absorb

3.6.5. Think

3.7. 3 levels of Wei Chi

3.7.1. 2-3 inches physical state

3.7.2. 2-3 feet emotional state

3.7.3. Several feet around body spiritual state

3.8. 3 Centers of Energy - The Dan Tians

3.8.1. Upper Dan Tian Relates to Spiritual being Located at upper and posterior skull Correlates to Central Nervous System which governs all organs, tissues and cells

3.8.2. Middle Dan Tian Relates to Mental and Emotional well-being Located at heart level mid chest

3.8.3. Lower Dan Tian Relates to Physical well being Located 1 inch below navel Stores our qi

3.9. Five Elements

3.9.1. Water Color Blue Seasons Winter Yin Organs Kidney Yang Organs Bladder Negative Emotions Fear Positive Virtues Gentleness Healing Sounds Fffuuu Tissues Bone Senses Hearing Orifice Ear Tastes Salt Tongue Curled back Meridians Symptoms

3.9.2. Wood Color Green Seasons Spring Yin Organs Liver Yang Organs Gall Bladder Negative Emotions Anger Positive Virtues Kindness Healing Sounds Shuuu Tissues Tendons Ligaments Nerves Senses Seeing Orifice Eyes Tastes Sour Tongue Top of mouth Meridians Symptoms

3.9.3. Fire Color Red Seasons Summer Yin Organs Heart Pericardium Yang Organs Small Intestine Triple Burner Negative Emotions Over-excitation Mania Positive Virtues Love Joy Healing Sounds Hhhaaa Shiii Tissues Veins Arteries Senses Taste Orifice Tongue Tastes Bitter Tongue Top of mouth behind teeth Meridians Symptoms

3.9.4. Earth Color Orange Seasons Late Summer/Indian Summer Yin Organs Spleen Yang Organs Stomach Negative Emotions Anxiety Positive Virtues Balance Centeredness Fairness Healing Sounds Whooo Hhuuu Tissues Muscles Senses Touch Orifice Mouth Tastes Sweet Fatty Tongue Down Meridians Symptoms

3.9.5. Metal Color White Seasons Fall Yin Organs Lung Yang Organs Large Intestine Negative Emotions Sadness Grief Positive Virtues Courage Healing Sounds SSS Tissues Hair Skin Senses Smell Orifice Nose Tastes Pungent Tongue Between teeth Meridians Symptoms

4. Practice Journal

4.1. Workshop Class

4.1.1. Lung Clearing Exercise Pulling Down Heavens 3x Tossing the stone 9x each side

4.1.2. Metal Element Yin Organ - Lungs Yang Organ - Large Intestine (Lymph system, colon, skin and indirectly the kidneys by sending water to kidneys) Lungs extract clean air - mixes it with food essence from spleen and sends it to the heart to be delivered via the blood. Lungs serve as part of the body's kitchen and sewer system Lungs produce Defensive Qi which is critical for our immune system Oxygenation Circulating Lymph Activating downward flow of Qi Lungs are in upper body Lungs maintain normal water metabolism and healthy skin We breathe out a quart of water each day Lungs push water to kidneys on inhalation Metal Imbalances Physical Emotional Color White Direction West Season Fall Negative Emotion Sadness/grief Sorrow Disappointment Positive Virtue Courage Justice Righteousness truth Healing Sounds SSSS Tissues Skin and Hair Senses Smell Orifices Nose Tastes Pungent Meridians Starts at stomach - down to large intestine - up through diaphragm to the lungs - out each collarbone to each arm - down front of bicep - down center of elbow crease - wrist to thumb pad - finishes at outside base of thumbnail Key Acupoints to remember

4.2. Week 1

4.2.1. I'm focused on collecting positive energy from the atmosphere and releasing negative Qi into the earth

4.3. Week2

4.3.1. Tossing the stone feels amazing I feel like an elephant swinging its trunk back and forth

4.4. Week3

4.5. Week 4

4.5.1. Many of these movements remind me of Kaze Arashi Ryu We always return to center before going to next movement My kicks have improved by coordinating breathing and arm movements Chris' footwork reminds me of Lunia Sensei

4.5.2. I forget to keep my sacrum tucked Bad habit of arching my back?

4.5.3. It feels better to practice outside than in the house The sun makes me feel happier Does it make a difference to practice with or without shoes?

4.5.4. It takes me a long time to draw a full breath Can I go slower than everyone? Is there a proper pace/rythm to steady breath?

4.5.5. Chris says yawning is a heart issue and Marika said I had some heart issue... My blood pressure is good and my heart rate is amazing... what could be wrong?

4.6. Week 5

4.6.1. The numbness in my fingers is gone! I'm not sure when it went away, but I noticed it today - Thank the Lord!

4.6.2. It takes presence of mind to maintain all the elements of the Wuji posture Sometimes I Lock my knees Breathe through my mouth and drop my tonge Arch my lower back

4.6.3. I hate doing center and balance meditation my mind wanders and I can't stay focused

4.6.4. I was able to improve center and balance meditation, by reminding myself of the why's behind studying QiGong before beginning my practice today.

4.6.5. It seems easier for me to practice at night than in the morning, but I feel like I get more out of it at the beginning of the day. It improves my whole day I fall asleep faster after clearing my mind.

4.7. Week 6

4.7.1. I practiced with my room mates today It is much more difficult to speak and practice at the same time. How does Chris do it so smoothly? Half breaths?

4.7.2. The sensation after finishing practice today was like exhaling after smoking a bowl... like ten lbs came off my shoulders and neck

4.7.3. I wonder how much mind intent plays at a cellular level. I've always heard a lot about mental power, but now I'm beginning to experience it during the Microcosmic orbit The energy is rushing around faster than I can complete a full deep breath

4.8. Week 7

4.8.1. Today Melody had a stomach ache, so we left the meeting and massaged the Yang Organs for 15 minutes Stomach ache gone!

4.8.2. Practicing while traveling brought me back to my home routine What an awesome way to ground myself when I'm away. It felt like a sacred ritual

4.8.3. Brushing the meridians made me a break a sweat today!

4.9. Week 8

4.9.1. Today I began practicing in the sauna It was a bit awkward to have people watching me, but it felt great to be sweating and moving The exercises distracted me from the heat :)

4.9.2. Collecting heaven and earth feels like a workout for my legs and a stretch for my core... I love it. Should I do this before each organ clearing move? Or should I only be doing one organ clearing move per practice?

4.9.3. Can Qi be stolen? Julian always talked about being in control of her qi and taking others'.

4.9.4. I cried today Is that just stress relief or did the Qigong practice trigger it? I haven't cried in a long time... that felt weird, but good afterwards

4.10. Week 9

4.10.1. I can stay in the sauna longer when I practice Qigong vs. sitting, reading, or chatting. I have to drink more water before hand now

4.10.2. Today's routine took a long time because I tried to fit in each movement I've learned so far. Perhaps I should focus on 1 organ at a time?

4.10.3. The most relaxing moves are tossing the stone and massaging Yang Organs The most draining/boring is center and balance meditation

4.10.4. It helps to apply pressure to the balls of my feet - it makes me feel more centered and maintain my posture longer

4.10.5. Should I tense my muscles when I push during the heart move?

4.11. Week 10

4.11.1. The pressure near my diaphragm has gone down drastically. I can still feel it occasionally, but not always like before Liver move is working!

4.11.2. Today's sauna practice generated questions and allowed me to promote detox and morning crane I love deliberately practicing with specific intention It makes me feel purposeful I should be in this field and study full time

4.11.3. I'm so grateful to be learning this martial art... I feel like I'll be able to use this to be more confident with my own health, but to also serve others.

4.11.4. I still find myself physically pushing my hands toward my kidneys during white pearl meditation... am I forming a bad habit by not doing it mentally?

4.11.5. I don't feel like I'm doing the spleen move properly - I feel like nothing happens when I focus on one point through my hands.

4.11.6. I like knowing the physical goal of the move I like knowing that the liver move is supposed to squeeze or expand/contract those organs Where should I tense and relax?

4.12. Week 11

4.12.1. I'm noticing energy pulsing when I squeeze my anal sphincter during micro-cosmic orbit I can recreate the pulse over and over again, but first one is strongest I feel the energy run up my back and across my shoulders

4.12.2. I'm beginning to replace bad habits like facebook, wimp and movies with QiGong practice I feel better from doing the practice and I get an increased self-esteem from the self-discipline

4.12.3. Today I used my compass to do lung clearing movement to the west... should I change directions for each movement or pick one direction/element per session? I wonder if Chris picked Metal for me to lead because it is my weakest?