Twitter design lessons v0.5 (by Paulus Veltman)

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Twitter design lessons v0.5 (by Paulus Veltman) by Mind Map: Twitter design lessons v0.5 (by Paulus Veltman)

1. Lessons learned

1.1. Edison was right

1.2. Personal experience generates good ideas

1.3. Technical stability is NOT an issue

1.4. Let user behaviour drive innovation

1.5. Open architecture gets your service extended and supported

2. Brainstorm and personal experience 2006

2.1. Odeo podcasting company

2.1.1. SMS group messaging SMS-based social network

2.1.2. brainstorm first use case: telling people that the club he’s at is happening

2.1.3. name: twitch -> dictionary -> twitter

2.1.4. Jach Dorsey sketch

2.1.5. Jack Dorsey, March 2006: "just setting up my twttr"

2.1.6. microblogging Biz Stone and Evan Williams <- Blogger / Google

2.1.7. History in tweets (Dorsey)


2.3. tipping point:South by Southwest (SXSW) festival 2007

2.3.1. Backchannel

2.3.2. Web Award

2.3.3. @evan's story on Quora

2.4. TED talk Evan Williams

3. Mob rule 2007-2008

3.1. Innovation drivers

3.1.1. Open architecture Third party apps search Twitter clients multimedia content and link shorteners

3.1.2. Users inventions @replies embraced by the community first, then built into the system #hashtags Invented by Chris Messina? popularized during the San Diego forest fires in 2007 when Nate Ritter used the hashtag “#sandiegofire semi-permanent retweet 1. manual 2. supported by clients 3. "improved' by Twitter Language "Tweet"

3.2. Twitter design follows innovations created by the community

3.3. Fail whale does not harm

4. Benign dictatorship 2009

4.1. We Know What You Want

4.1.1. Kill "all @replies" option

4.1.2. lists Dying

4.1.3. retweets 5/2010 Filter?

4.1.4. Much explanation needed

4.1.5. Timeline 20100524 Improved LinkedIn and Facebook integration 20100615 Twitter Places announced 20100510 Acquires Smallthought Systems (Trendly) products for 'future commercial partners' 20100609 Link wrapping and shortening announced analytics 'within our eventual commercial accounts' 20100423 Acquires Cloudhopping (SMS) 20100413 Promoted Tweets announced 20100320 New homepage design 'Top Tweets' 20100603 You Both Follow shelved?

4.2. Strategy

4.2.1. Strategy change: news and information network What are you doing? -> What's happening? Signin minimalised add to home page Trending topics Lists

4.3. Apps scramble to follow

4.4. Developments from March, 2010

4.4.1. Twitter acquires apps Tweetie Twitter's response to developers

4.5. VC influence?

4.6. @OnTheRoad

4.6.1. How users actually use Twitter

4.6.2. Focus on peer groups

5. Additional sources

5.1. The History of Twitter's Valuation [infographic]

6. #newtwitter

6.1. Alex Payne

6.1.1. 1. Decentralised

6.1.2. 2. Walled garden

7. Similar

7.1. Diaspora