Tenses (Zeiten)

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Tenses (Zeiten) by Mind Map: Tenses (Zeiten)

1. Present Simple Tense (Gegenwart)

1.1. Bildung

1.1.1. base form I like music. I play tennis. I go to school.

1.1.2. he, she, it: base form + s He likes music. She likes tennis.

2. Past Simple Tense (Mitvergangenheit)

2.1. Bildung

2.1.1. past form I liked music. I played music. I went to school.

2.1.2. regular verbs -ed

2.1.3. irregular verbs lernen!

3. Present Perfect Tense (Vergangenheit)

3.1. Bildung

3.1.1. have | has + last form I have played tennis. He has gone to school.

4. Present Progressive Tense (Gegenwart - jetzt gerade)

4.1. Bildung

4.1.1. am | is | are + base form + ing I am playing tennis. She is going to school.

5. Going to - Future (nahe Zukunft)

5.1. Bildung

5.1.1. am | is | are + going to + base form I am going to play tennis. He is going to go to school.