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The Ultimate Business Plan Template by Mind Map: The Ultimate Business Plan Template
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The Ultimate Business Plan Template

This is a guide I compiled for you to "fill in the blank" with your business details. I highly encourage you to answer the questions in order. You'll discover online and attached resources and templates, and business acumen from many of today's greatest business minds. I hope this information helps you bless your customers' lives.

Start with your "Golden Circle"

Define your golden circle concisely in as few words as possible

Why you do what you do

How you do it

What you do

Sales and Marketing is the engine and qualified prospects are the fuel... keep your engine running

The function of any business is to attract and retain customers. Focus your efforts on the function and the goal of making money will be the result.

The 6 Scientific Principles of Persuasion

Who is the target Demographic/ Customer Profile Defined?

Which marketing channels do they frequent?

How much company budget and personnel is needed to manage advertising channels?

What are the selling and pain points customers are interested in?

What value do we give prospects for giving us permission to contact them? (Call to action)

Lead Capture

Lead Nurturing

Lead conversion

Setting Qualified Appointments

4 stages of sales cycle

Customer service

Key Ideas for Marketing

Build your foundation on Economic Principles

4 Pre-requisites for successful business

Supply and Demand


Business Models/Plans

The three company pillars


Business Function

The leaders create the culture and the culture steers the organization towards the vision

The Secrets to Motivation

The 13 Principles

Replacement Driven Leadership (Level 4 & 5 leaders)

Servant Leadership


How do you tie a points and reward system to the high value activities and behavior you want from your team and customer communities?

Resources provide leverage via systems so you can focus on what you do best






Legal Shield




Payroll Automation

Problem Solving Activities

Logical Thinking

Uber Conference

LIFE Leadership Development

Skill Development Resources

Tools for creating visual images

To-Do today

While it is important to consider past performance and future risk, the only thing that creates growth is action in the present!

Modeling and Messaging