Min Gao
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Oral-Feedback-Written by Mind Map: Oral-Feedback-Written

1. Positive Feedback

1.1. Confirmation

1.1.1. Confirm students' correct utterance

1.2. Encouragement

1.2.1. Acknowledge learner's improvement/progress

1.3. Praise

1.3.1. Praise learner's performance

1.4. Teacher's request to repeat

1.4.1. Ask student to repeat what they said

2. Negative/Error Corrective Feedback

2.1. Direct/explicit strategies

2.1.1. Correct answer feedback

2.1.2. Guided feedback Elicitation techniques Metalinguistic feedback Noticing strategies Teacher's request to repeat (with corrective intent). Asking questions Pinpointing Pausing

2.2. Indirect/implicit strategies

2.2.1. Recasts

2.2.2. Clarification requests

3. Positive Feedback

3.1. Confirm the correctness of students' reponses

4. Negative Feedback

4.1. Let students know about their errors

5. Error Corrective Strategies

5.1. Overt error correction

5.1.1. Cross out the error and write the correct form

5.2. Error location and metalinguistic feedback

5.2.1. Error correction code

5.3. Selective error correction

5.3.1. Mark a particular type error