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FoT 2015 by Mind Map: FoT 2015
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FoT 2015

Big Data

Short Term Trends

Medium Term Trends

Long Term Trends


Links Destination

Link requirements including mutation -> gene expression change

Various Link Formats

Personal Knowledge Ecosystems

Short, Medium and Long Term outcomes

From poster, above


Short, Medium Long term trends

creation and consumption

Monetization vs Freedom

Monetization vs Freedom

HyperLinked: How/What/Why

Triple feedback loops


Environmental constraints

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Basic Income, UN Goals and collaborative patronage

UX Group

Increasing integration of visual elements & text

E.g continuation of trends like power of presentation tools.

Increasing design

Design in the future will simpler and more engaging, increasing productivity.

Expanded modal interaction

Expanded use of voice (not just speaking), touch/tactility, motion, concatenated gestures, position, orientation, emotional state.

Increasing human incompetence in the face of increasingly urgent social mega-messes

Increasing human incompetence in the face of increasingly urgent social mega-messes

Seamless Flow

Increasingly diffuse UX: augmenting cognitive limitations. User interface disappears into immersive experience of multisensory interaction with other people, data, and app. (For examples, see Neuromancy, Minority Report, Mockingjay part 2.)

Organization / Co-Evolution / “New LSD” Working Group