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Baobab Trees by Mind Map: Baobab Trees
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Baobab Trees

The Sagole (Sunlands) Baobab is recorded as being the biggest tree in South Africa with a stem diameter of 10.47 m, a height of 22 m and a crown spread of 38.2 m. It grows east of Tshipise. The Glencoe Baobab near Hoedspruit is probably the second largest and bears several trunks. It has a stem diameter of 15.9 m, a height of 17 m and a crown spread of 37.05 m. This tree has dates carved on the stem from 1893 and 1896. The Platland Baobab that grows near Duiwelskloof, today houses a pub. It has a stem diameter of 10.64 m, a height of 19 m, and a crown spread of 30.2 m. The Buffesldrift Baobab which is in the Makopane District, has a distinct trunk with a diameter of 7.71 m, a height of 22 m and a crown spread of 30.2 m.

Sunland Big Baobab

Adansonia Digitata Info

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Baobab Tree Locations

Dublin Baobab

Glencoe Baobab

Gravelotte Baobab

First trip in 2009 after visiting the Gravelotte Gold Mine with Mark while working at LabWare. The village has a unique "Fawlty Towers Motel" that is currently dormant. Went with the family 21st June 2010 from Nelspruit. 500km round day trip - also saw the Dublin Baobab en Route but missed the Glencoe Baobab. The Gravelotte baobab is about 3km off the main road and is a very natural low key venture.  Cost R10 per person, rustic toilet and shower on site.  Great place for a lunch stop. about 20 people could fit inside the tree - Bring a torch to admire the Tree Room!

Kruger Baobab

Nelspruit Baobab Nursery

Visited the Botanical Gardens June 2010 where there is a nursery of small baobabs near the cafeteria.  An interesting site as they look just normal trees however they have very pointing upward branches and the seem tohave a very set angle to sprout out from the main branches  Outside is a more mature but still youngish one just up from the road crossing outside the gardens

Sunlands Baobab

Musina Nature Reserve

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Amazing trees exerpt from Neatorama

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Scribd - The Baobabs


Google Earth KMZ file Baobabs

Family Trees

Stead Family Tree

At the entrance to the Gravelotte Baobab "room" we calculated about 20 people could stand in side! Bring your torch as currently not lit!


This is a collection of web and personal photos on the baobab tree started in June 2010 while on holiday in Nelspruit South Africa The baobab is classed as a succulent and does not have growth rings like normal trees. It is an incredible work of nature - truly magnificent The biggest one we have seen so far is the 2000 yr oldGravelotte Baobab - It is just amazing to be able to stand inside the tree! The green background to the photos means that we have been to the tree and tried to hug it.... The Google Earth file branch contains actual google earth positions of the trees we have visited. The other reference branches contain links to the web sites Enjoy. Comments welcome Nick    

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