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UBGSPS Research Format by Mind Map: UBGSPS Research Format
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UBGSPS Research Format

Thesis = 22K words (100-150 pages)Dissertation = 45-58K words (200-250 pages)

Chapter 3: Discussions and Conclusions


Experimental studies separate Results & Discussions

Social science studies integrate Results & Discussions

Include, Summary of findings in answer to your research questions, Tables and graphs, References to tables /graphs

Exclude, Raw data, formulas & procedures, Redundant data presentations, Too many figures, Interpretation of results

Must be supported by continental literature.

Data Presentation by Objectives

Theory Generation


Answers the objectives

Judgment of the findings on study theories

Preliminary Matters


12 to 15 words, not more than 2 lines

Abstract (200 words)

Abstract (200 words) An abstract should be relatively nontechnical yet clear enough for an uninformed reader to understand manuscript’s contribution. Observe the Principle of Parsimony.

1. Introduction (one sentence)

2. Chief purpose or main objectives of the study (one sentence)

3. Methods (two to three sentences), Research design, Environment, Population and sample, Research ethics

4. Results

5. Conclusions

Executive Summary for Dissertations (500 words)


Discipline of the Study

Concepts / Principal Variables Investigated

Methods or Processes

Locale :: Geography of the Study

Preliminary pages in the final paper

1. Approval Sheet

2. Certificate of Results in Written Comprehensive Examination

3. Certificate of Dissertation Acceptability

4. List of Tables (if few, list of tables and figures)

5. List of Figures

6. Table of Contents

7. Dedication

Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Scope


What is the Chapter about? e.g. The purpose/s of this Chapter is/are… What is the context all about?

Start from broad view of interests in your field

Focus narrows to study

Justify your research

Statement of purpose of the study

400-500 words


Limit to 2 or 3 objectives

Stated in terms of what the researcher will do with the data

Rather than research activities

Review of Related Theories, Concepts, and Literatures

> 12 citations

> 3 continents

> 6K words (7K max)

Conceptual Framework

The Problem

Statement of the Problem

Statement of the hypothesis (optional)

Significance of the study

Research methodology





Data Procedures

Statistical Treatment

Definition of terms

Organization of the Study**

** Included in the Proposal only

Chapter 2: Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data

9,000-10,000 words

Chapter 4: Recommendations and Output

3,000 to 3,500 words


Should be based on the table(s).

Inputs should only include universal application.


Proposed Enhancement Measures

Other Matters




Transmittal Letter

Research Instrument*

Timetable of Activities

Research Budget*

Appointment and Contract for Advisorship

Permission letters

Request for the Conduct of Oral Defense

Permission Letter to Conduct Research

Researcher’s Bio

The Candidate Autobiographical Sketch with 2x2 picture 1 page or 300 words

Form & Stye Guidelines

Font: any sans serif font size 12

Pagination: Utilize auto paging/ table of content generating feature of word processor

Margins: Left-1.5”; top 1.2”, right 1.2, bottom 1.2”

Line Spacing: Double space; indention at beginning of paragraphs

Tables & Figures: Table title on top. Figure title below

Paper size: 8½ inches by 11 inches

Citations: APA format

Final copies: at least 2 hard bound copies (1 for CHED RO, 1 for library) and an electronic copy in PDF or non-editable format