Vortrag Baiersdorf AG Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer 15.07.2008

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Vortrag Baiersdorf AG Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer 15.07.2008 by Mind Map: Vortrag Baiersdorf AG Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer 15.07.2008

1. Client proposal:

1.1. Focused despite stress

1.2. reactivation after exhaustion

2. personal experience my truth - not everyones...

2.1. competitive sports since age 14

2.2. World Champion 1987 - focused on Goal of Winning! - no distraction

2.3. Olympics 1988 - age 22 - distracted by media attention - lack of focus - 5th place

2.4. regular relaxation techniques did not work

2.5. creating a exciting second focus in life proofed to be the best recipe for sucess for me. Something completely different that was just as interesting as my sport. 7month that turned into 7years of Mikrobiology (in Zurich) was that second focus.

2.6. This raised effectiveness to a point where I could manage to work on my PHD in microbiology and qualify for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996

2.7. During the evotec period, a second focus was missing as well. The work was intense and successful, but it was wearing on me...

2.8. now there is a better balance in my life with my family... fostermom... businesswoman

2.9. Lost qualification for Barcelona Olympics - but learned to respect the performance of other people...

3. our Ideas:

3.1. work-life balance living both to the fullest is good for both aspects of life.

3.2. learning from failure - its about giving his best and sticking up for it

3.3. working your strengths - complementing your weaknesses with your team

3.4. genetic influence on success - EQ and IQ and decision making power (without regrets)

3.5. making mistakes - failure as learning (and how germans are not so good at this

3.6. Verspannung-Entspannung- rechte Spannung

4. New node

4.1. New node

4.1.1. New node New node