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Ignorance by Mind Map: Ignorance
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Smithson, M. (1985). Toward a Social Theory of Ignorance. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 20:4, 323–346, 20(4), 323-346. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-5914.1985.tb00049.x. 

Socially constructed

Like knowledge

but not just the opposite of knowledge

As important as knowledge

Social norms against knowing

Conspiracy of silence about the conspiracy of silence

JoHari Window about the dark side of organizations with a citation of John Ralston Saul "John Ralston Saul (1997) in the Unconscious Civilisation proposes that there is an almost childlike way in which society avoids the reality of its situation, choosing instead to believe a fantasy perpetuated by a corporatist ideology.

Has its own vocabulary



conscious ignorance

intentional ignorance



Recommended reading for a course i heard about on Boing Boing. A potential college course on detecting and combating bullshit in all its forms


A is "ignorant" from B's viewpoint if A fails to agree with or show awareness of ideas which B defines as either actually or potentially factually valid

Excludes mere differences in preference or liking

Based on people's own accounts and judgments about validity

sociology of scientific knowledge SSK







cognitive bias

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Article suggested by Erin

Manufacturing Doubt:Journalists' role

Stocking, S. H., & Holstein, L. (2009). Manufacturing doubt: Journalists' roles and the construction of ignorance in a scientific controversy. Public Understanding of Science, 18(1), 23-42. doi: 10.1177/0963662507079373. 

Death of the News from an elearnspace entry

Ignorance important for democracy

Why we are unaware that we lack the skill to know how unskilled and unaware we are.

Ignorance and Surprise, Mathias Gross

Gross, M. (2010). Ignorance and Surprise: Science, Society, and Ecological Design (New edition.). Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press.

Truth management