my life in emoji's

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my life in emoji's by Mind Map: my life in emoji's

1. me

1.1. the mean 2nd grader

1.2. and my friend's

1.3. but my mom and step dad are such a heart break!

1.4. but i have to go on with it.

2. my friend raegan.

2.1. she has a terrible lif

3. but me and her have a great friendship.

4. but i might go on with life and never see her AGAIN!!

4.1. and alll my other friends might leave me to!!!!!!

4.1.1. or they might not like me and run away!!!

5. now when im in koledz i will...

5.1. sleep most of the time when im lerning about college stuff.

5.1.1. and make a websight just the way i like. and make video games lots of them! and make animaitons for my youtube chanlle!

6. odrasla osoba

6.1. i will make a family.

6.1.1. i will have a nice hose i will have things to need. things to want sometimes.