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Ingles II by Mind Map: Ingles II

1. Lesson 25

1.1. vocabulary

1.1.1. verbs clean cook end like live ply atart visit

1.2. nouns

1.2.1. ball

1.2.2. baseball

1.2.3. basketball

1.2.4. city

1.2.5. detroit

1.2.6. football

1.2.7. game

1.2.8. restaurant

1.2.9. show

1.2.10. sports


1.3.1. TALKING ABOUT FREE TIME Tom: Do you like to play soccer on the weekends? John: Yes, I do. I like to play tennis , too. Dave: Hi. are you a new student in this class? Bill: Yes , I am . My name´s Bill

2. Lesson 26

2.1. bocabulary

2.1.1. other again


2.2.1. PAST TENSE AFFIRMATIVE STATEMENTS We watched televisión last night

2.2.2. PAST TENSE NEGATIVE STATEMENTS John didn`t study his lesson yesterday

2.2.3. QUESTIONS WITH DID carol: Did John play football last Saturday? Bart: Yes , he played foolball last saturday? Carol: Did he play baseball last Sunday? Bart: Yes, he did.

2.2.4. PAST TENSE AFFIRMATIVE STATEMENTS Using past tense verbs I walked to class yesterday. You walked to class yesterday. He walked to class yesterday. She walked to class yesterday. We walked to class yesterday. They walked to class yesterday.

3. Lesson 27

3.1. vocabulary

3.1.1. verbs begin bring repor

3.1.2. other on time take a break with

3.1.3. nouns break razor


3.2.1. IRREGULAR VERBS Jane drove her car to Work yesterday.

3.2.2. PAST TENSE NEGATIVE STATEMENTS Sue and Mary They didn`t buy it.

3.2.3. QUESTIONS WITH DID USING IRREGULAR VERBS Did you bring a pencil to class?

3.2.4. WH-QUESTIONS WITH DID Where did you last night?

4. Lesson 28

4.1. other

4.1.1. asleep

4.1.2. awake

4.1.3. black

4.1.4. blue

4.1.5. brown

4.1.6. green

4.1.7. orange

4.1.8. pink

4.1.9. purple

4.1.10. red

4.1.11. well

4.1.12. white

4.2. vocabulary

4.2.1. berbs fall asleep put on take off wake up wear

4.2.2. nouns belt blouse boots clothes coat color dress gloves hat hose


4.3.1. Asking questions Can you swim? Can Betty read French? Can, James fly an airplane?

4.3.2. Answering questons Yes, I can. No , Betty can`t. No, James cannot.

4.3.3. Asking questions What time can you leave? Who can play soccer? When can Tim read? Where can they study

4.3.4. Answering questions I can leave at 2:00 p.m. Ted can play soccer. He can read after lunch. They can study in the library.

5. Lesson 29

5.1. vocabulary

5.1.1. other gold naval silver

5.1.2. nouns admiral captain colonel commander ensign general identification major post lieutenant rank


5.2.1. MUST Using must Must is used to express something that is necessary

5.2.2. MUST NOT Using must not Must not is used to express prohibition

5.2.3. MAY / CAN Using may and can may and can are used to express permission.

6. lesson 30

6.1. vocabulary

6.1.1. verbs cost dance help record sell take

6.1.2. other over here over there tomorrow yesterday here you are

6.1.3. nouns clerk dance headset music shelf store


6.2.1. QUESTIONS WITH WHAT What movie did you see? What color is the shirt?

6.2.2. QUESTIONS WITH HOW MUCH How much does the pen cost? How much do the books cost? How much did the shirt cost?

6.2.3. Using demostrative pronouns This and these usually refer to things near the speaker This is my pencil. These are my Friends.