Follow the Money: Donald Trump

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Follow the Money: Donald Trump by Mind Map: Follow the Money: Donald Trump

1. Trump Tower

1.1. 66-68 Trump

1.2. 64/65 Johnny Carson, Bruce Willis, now construction company that defrauded customers

1.3. 63A: Vadim Trincher: Israeli-US citizen jailed in 2014 gambling who catered to Russian oligarchs, family still owns apartment (due for release July 2017)

1.3.1. FBI Investigation and indictments for money laundering, sports gambling and extortion Russian mob boss: Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov "Little Taiwanese or Taiwanchik on the run from interpol, attended 2013 Miss Universe money laundering through Cyprus shell companies "Indicted by Preet Bharara, the US attorney in Manhattan, which triggered the 2013 raid, identified Tokhtakhounov as a vory v zakone—or a vor—a Russian term for a select group of the highest-level Russian crime bosses." Claims of casinos, pop star concerts and fashion shows Charged with fixing 2002 Olympics Ice dancing and pairs competition Russian tennis players Anatoly Golubchik: Vadim's partner in ring name found in Panama Papers visual of connections NYC Celebrities Gambling ring Illya (son of Vadim) Hillel Nahmad Molly Bloom Eugene (son of Vadim)

1.3.2. Wanted to hold campaign event for then Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich

1.4. 62/63 Guido Lombardi: Italian "Count": member of Italian Anti-Immigration party

1.4.1. Members of Mar-a-Lago Photo at Mar A Lago with Prime Minister of Japan re NKorea Multiple photos

1.4.2. Far right European groups Le Pen Le Pen visits Trump Tower Jan 2017 "He envisions the Russian leader, Vladimir V. Putin, as the champion of the spiritual descendants of World War II resistance fighters. “Le Pen, Geert, Lega, Grillo, all the resistance is fighting the Nazi Islamists,” Steve King, Iowa Photo with Guido and Geert Wilders Photo with Guido “People Front for the Liberation of Europe" facebook group Nigel Farage Visits Trump Tower, Nov 13, 2016 Photo with Sessions

1.4.3. "Besides relaying messages from European well-wishers, Lombardi’s main role, he said, was to run an unofficial, guerilla-style social media operation that aimed to amplify the candidate’s message online." creator of 500 Facebook groups Bikers for Trump Latinos for Trump Veterans for Trump Citizens for Trump “In June of 2015, I told Donald, ‘I’d love to help,'” said Lombardi. “‘But I can’t work directly for the campaign because I have all kinds of rules and regulations. I will take care of unofficial media. I will take care of students. I will take care of bikers. I will take care of all the crazies … There is no official connection so [no] liability.’ He said, ‘Great.'” Students for Trump Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer for Facebook OR Chris Cox of the NRA "Great team" photo with Chris Cox or the NRA or Chief Product Officer for Facebook (July 18, 2016) "Great team work" photo with Chris Cox or the NRA or Chief Product Officer for Facebook (July 18, 2016) Thank you tweet from Donald

1.4.4. photo with Flynn in Trump Tower Sept 29, 2016

1.4.5. photo with Bill O'Reilly

1.4.6. Twitter handles: @GeorgegLombardi, @guidoLombardiUS, @George_Lombardi

1.5. 59/60 Robert Hopkins: ordered murder gambling ring, charges dropped 1986 (by then US Attorney Rudy Guiliani)

1.5.1. "The Case of the Missing Case" Village Voice 1993 (no link- of course!) Rudy Guiliani

1.6. 59/60 Khaled Juffali: wealthy Saudi family, oil and healthcare holdings

1.7. 58: Tamir Sapir (the "Billionaire Cabbie") , died 2014, family still owns apartment

1.7.1. sold electronics to KGB agents in NYC

1.7.2. Illegal wildlife body parts trade

1.7.3. Introduced Trump to Arif

1.7.4. Chabad House in Port Washington named Sater 2014 "Man of the Year" youtube video "Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia" "In 1999, soon after he became prime minister, Putin enlisted Abramovich and Leviev to create the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities. Its purpose was to undermine the existing umbrella for Russia’s Jewish civil society, the Russian Jewish Congress, led by oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, a potential threat to Putin and President Boris Yeltsin. A year later, Gusinsky was arrested by Putin’s government and forced into exile."

1.7.5. Trump Soho Sapir Organization Rotem Rosen, CEO Sapir Org Alex Sapir, son of Tamir Tevfik Arif (Arifov) founded Bayrock born in Kazakhstan Felix Sater (now Satter) 40 Wall Street US and Russian organized crime Took Donald Jr, Ivanka on introductory trip through Moscow stabbed man in bar, severing nerves in face, jailed, pump and dump schemes Salvatore Lauria: FBI informant pitched plan w Michael Cohen for Ukraine to remove US sanctions

1.8. 55 Thomas Makkos

1.9. 53 David Bogatin: tax evasion, Russian mobster, vacated

1.10. 51 Helly Nahmed: jailed 2014 gambling network

1.10.1. Leonardo Di Caprio

1.11. 50C Todd Brassner

1.11.1. dies in fire on 50th floor

1.11.2. declared bankruptcy; held Andy Warhol paintings, guitars and ukuleles

1.11.3. brother has art gallery in Florida, Jules Brassner, father, bought him the apartment and frequented Mar-a-lago, cited DTrump a "hero"

1.12. 49 Chuck Blazer

1.12.1. FIFA corruption scandal turned informant

1.13. 48/49: Ernie Garcia

1.13.1. fraud charges 1990

1.14. 43 Paul Manafort

1.14.1. Rick Gates

1.14.2. Indicted for laundering Ukrainian money through Delaware LLCs. Click arrow for full list Bade LLC $70,000 in 3 payments by the RNC Sept 2016 Oct 2016 Jan 2017

1.15. 42 Cohen

1.15.1. "Uncle Morty" his uncle, Dr Levine served as dr to many in the Lucchese crime family owned El Caribe, site of mob weddings adn Russian mob offices (Cohen also had a small stake, sold after 2016 election Don of the Russian mob, Marat Balagula, maintained offices in El Caribe

1.15.2. apartment co-owned with wife Laura and her parents ACRIS Detailed Document Information wife's father Ukrainian Fima Shusterman guilty of "evading federal reporting requirements for large cash transactions, admitting that he had cashed $5.5 million worth of checks to evade disclosure laws. Mr. Shusterman cooperated with prosecutors in a related case and was sentenced to probation" -NYTimes loaned money to Semyon and Yasya Shatayner, Ukrainian immigrants who own a large taxi operation in Chicago, Secretary of Chicago Medallion Management Corp (metal licensing that allows cabs to operate)

1.15.3. made money from NYC taxi medallions Garber Evgeny Naumovich Freidman (Russian: Евгений Наумович Фридман;[ operated Cohen's taxi business "Taxi King" arrested for tax fraud and grand larceny in NY Owes more than $375,000 debt for back taxes on taxi business in Chicago and New York (NYTimes article cited in original thread) used medallions to borrow money from Sterling National Bank and Melrose Credit Union (NYTimes article cited in original thread) April 24th 2018 (after the federal warrants) Cohen refinanced loans. Puts up money owed to him by Freidman as collateral

1.15.4. shady personal injury cases worked for personal injury lawyer Estrin, who was convicted of bribing insurance adjusters to inflate damage estimates and expedite claims

1.15.5. set up businesses for doctors indicted for insurance scams "Cohen registered in 2002, Avex Medical Care PRC, sued insurance companies nearly 300 times. The plaintiffs lawyer in almost all of these cases was David Katz, who was disbarred later for professional misconduct" "Dr. Zhanna Kanevsky, the principal of Life Quality Medical, a clinic business that Cohen incorporated in 2002, surrendered her medical license after pleading guilty to writing phony prescriptions for 100,000 oxycodone and other pills." -ProPublica

1.15.6. "in 2000, Cohen was involved in scores of car insurance lawsuits, often on behalf of plaintiffs who claimed to have been injured in auto collisions" Operation BORIS "A 2012 investigation by the FBI found a Russian organized crime ring (which involved three attorneys) was behind a $275 million auto insurance fraud ring, the largest in history". -Rolling Stone

1.15.7. shouldtrumprun website: possible campaign vilation

1.16. 41 Jose Marin: Brazilian soccer official under house arrest for racketeering

1.16.1. former president of Brazilian soccer’s national governing body (CBF)

1.16.2. FIFA Scandal 2014 World Cup

1.17. 33 Melania Trump

1.18. 26: Trump Office/Cohen

1.18.1. Tower Meeting: June 9, 2016 Trump Team Met With Lawyer Linked to Kremlin During Campaign Manafort Kushner Don Jr Ron Goldstone arranged the meeting per request of Emin Agalrov (managed his International music) co-owner of Oui 2 public relations Natalia Veselnitskaya represents Prevezon owner Denis Katsyv, Russian Government lawyer lawyer for the FSB The "Translator" Samochernar Ike Kaveladze Rinat Akhmetshin HRAGI may or may not be "one more person" several testify they "can't remember" per Senate hearing testimony

1.18.2. Cohen Essential Consultants LLC made $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels through made $250,000 payments to Playboy model (on behalf of) Elliott Broidy (former deputy of RNC) Columbus Nova AT&T Novartis (Pharmaceuticals) Clients Client 1: Donald J Trump Client 2: Elliot Broidy Client 3: Sean Hannity RNC Ronna McDaniel: Chair of RNC

1.19. 24 Rahr Pharma-billionaire who started campaign w Cohen (Sater 2008)


1.19.2. Bayrock Offices (2008)

1.19.3. Sold Kinray to Cardinal Health 2010, remained "consultant" Kinray Pharmaceuticals (for violations 2011-2012 "controlled substances" lawsuit settlement $10 million: Preet Bharara Dec 2016)

1.19.4. Charities Make A Wish

1.19.5. Made and distributed sex tape to celebrate divorce

1.19.6. Stewie Rah Rah, The #1 King of Fun

1.20. 19 The School for Gods; Legacy Business School

1.21. 17 Chuck Blazer: Brazilian futbol racketeering (had a floor for his cats)

1.21.1. 17: CONCACAF (soccer Carribbean)

1.22. 15 Hoffenberg: Ponzi scheme, jailed 18 years until 2013: Born again Christian Trump PAC

1.22.1. "Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking" 2011-2016 lots of missed filing dates Super PAC donated $50 million to Trump campaign through Statware in CT

1.23. 6-13 floors are missing to make the building seem taller than it is

1.24. Gucci

2. "The Curious World of Donald Trump's Private Russian Connections" by James S Henry (@submergingmkt)

3. "It's ridiculous that I wouldn't be investing in Russia," Trump said in that deposition. "Russia is one of the hottest places in the world for investment."

3.1. list of US sanctioned Russians and companies

3.2. graphic of those charged in the Russia probe thus far Analysis | Who has been charged in Russia probe and why

3.3. graphic of trump administrations ties to russia Trump campaign’s Russia ties: Who’s involved

3.4. King of Debt pays cash

4. Trump Taj Mahal FinCEN Fines Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort $10 Million for Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations |

5. Trump International Hotel and Tower Baku

5.1. Ziya Mammaolov

5.1.1. Iran's Revolutionary Guard

5.2. never opened, in undesirable location

5.3. managed by Ivanka

6. Trump Ocean Club in Panama

6.1. Lawmakers question Trump ties to Panama project linked to...

7. Bill Moyers essential timeline and directory

8. massive Russian investments in Trumps Florida properties

8.1. Miami

8.2. Sunny Isles

8.3. Putin's biker

9. Trump World Tower

9.1. Qatar

9.1.1. Rosneft deal VISUAL GRAPHIC OF CONNECTIONS (click arrow)

10. Trump's Russian Laundromat