"A new sexual revolution is underway, transforming who and how we date and mate."

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"A new sexual revolution is underway, transforming who and how we date and mate." by Mind Map: "A new sexual revolution is underway, transforming who and how we date and mate."

1. "Rigid definitions of sexuality and identity are dissolving."

1.1. "Recent generations of Canadians have tended to define sexuality, gender and relationships in binaries."

1.1.1. "male or female, gay or straight, single or married." "However, a growing number of people don't fit these boxes - or any boxes." "as many as one in six [...] identifies somewhere in the queer community" "The diversity of these emerging identities defies easy classification under 'alphabet soup labels,' like LGBTQ" "patients with fluid sexuality will require more flexible physicians and health systems"

2. "Our relationship with technology is becoming more intitmate."

2.1. Digsexuality

2.2. Tinder

2.3. sexting

2.3.1. "four in 10 Canadian teens have sent sexts and more than six in 10 have received them."

2.3.2. "children are also accessing pornography online at young ages" "one in five youth as young as age nine encounter unwanted sexual material" "linked exposure to porn to earlier and riskier sexual activity [...] as well as sexist attitudes and sexual aggression."

2.4. virtual relationships

2.4.1. depressed

2.5. social media use

2.5.1. "spikes in the rates of STIs to dating app use"

2.6. "access to health information online"

2.6.1. engaged

2.6.2. less trusting of doctors misinformation on social media

2.7. "monopolization of the internet by a handful of tech companies"

2.7.1. "pornograhy ban on Tumblr [...] the microblogging platform has been a haven for queer and niche sexual subcultures, where pornographic and sexual health content were intertwined. The porn ban severed these networks overnight."

2.8. "virtual reality, pornography, and sex robots"

2.8.1. "the way in which women are represented through this technology and the way that will impact people's views of women are worth worrying about" "a lot of pornography already contains distorted depictions of women and consent"

3. "And awareness of a universal right to sexual well-being is growing."

4. "So, too, are the clinical and ethical challenges these changes pose."

4.1. "A lot of physicians are uncomfortable with it."

4.1.1. "most medical schools in Canada and the United States spend just three to 1- hours on sexuality across four years of training" "At UofT, [...] sexual health are integrated throughout training and taught using a variety of methods"

4.2. "doctors don't routinely initiate conversations about sex [...] tend to be brief and focused on pregnancy and infections."

4.2.1. "yet there's much to discuss" "sexually transmitted disease rates are on the rise [...] premature ejaculation [...] sexual dysfunction" "when we lose our mojo, 'relationships dissolve [...] health outcomes are less positive."

4.3. "needs of seniors and people with disabilites are often overlooked."

4.4. "sexual minorities continue to face discrimination and disparities in health care."

4.4.1. "culture of medicine" (homophobia)

4.5. "doctors may not think to provide screening for STIs to a married but non-monogamous couple"

4.6. "existing laws don't allow people in polyamorous relationships [...] access to information [...] which can cause problems in emergency"

5. "My view would be not to panic and see the opportunities"

5.1. "Artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology could be harnessed to [...] teach consent and healthy sexual relationships"

5.2. "Sex robots may be a useful therapeutic tool for people who have experienced sexual trauma.

5.3. "sex-tech could close gaps in access to intimacy, especially for people with disabilities."

5.3.1. "New technology could offer legal, safe outlets to explore sexuality and may address physical limitations in ways that human partners cannot."

5.3.2. "giving patients permission to talk about sex, permission to be sexual, permission to enjoy it."

5.3.3. "Health providers can also support patients by providing information"

5.4. Seniors

5.4.1. dementia "inappropriate sexual behaviour becomes common as people lose social inhibitions and the ability to communicate when the disease progresses." "practitioners misinterpret behaviours as sexual" "Health care providers play an important role in preparing patients and their families for these changes"

5.4.2. long-term care

5.4.3. spikes in STIs among older Canadians

6. "The Future of Sex" by Lauren Vogel