The Portfolio of Kayla Ann Brooks

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The Portfolio of Kayla Ann Brooks by Mind Map: The Portfolio of Kayla Ann Brooks

1. Religion Video

1.1. SWLO: Technology Standards: 10.4.9 Use a computer to design and publish documents by using advanced publishing software and graphic program

1.2. Religion Video

1.3. Reflection

2. Algebra Interim

2.1. SWLO: Citizenship Standards: A1.6.3 Find powers and roots of monomials

2.2. Algebra Interim

2.3. Reflection

3. Oppression Webpage

3.1. Reflection

3.2. Oppression Website

3.3. SWLO: Critical Thinking Standards: 10.2.5 Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate example

4. Spanish Poster

4.1. Standard: K.5.1 Use simple vocabulary and/or phrases to identify familiar objects and basic concepts from other content areas

4.2. Spanish Poster

4.3. Reflection

5. Knockout Power Point

5.1. SWLO: Collaberation Standards: 10.5.9 Write or deliver research that has been developed using a systematic research process (defines the topic, gathers information, determines credibility, reports findings)

5.2. Knockout Power Point

5.3. Reflection

6. Introduction Letter

6.1. Personal Webpage

7. Visual Vocab.

7.1. Standard: 10.1.4 Identify and use the literal and figurative meanings of words and understand origins of word

7.2. Visual Vocab.

7.3. Reflection

8. 3 Essay Comparison

8.1. Standards: 10.4.13 Establish coherence within and among paragraphs through effective transitions, parallel structures, and similar writing techniques

8.2. 3 Essay Comparison

8.3. Reflection

9. Child Development Test

9.1. Standards: 10.6.3 Produce legible work that shows accurate spelling and correct use of the conventions of punctuation and capitalization

9.2. Child Development Test

9.3. Reflection

10. Renaissance Video

10.1. SWLO: Communication Standard:10.7.4 Use props, visual aids, graphs, and electronic media to enhance the appeal and accuracy of presentations

10.2. Renaissance Advertisement

10.3. Reflection

11. DNA Powerpoint

11.1. Standard: 10.6.4 Apply appropriate manuscript conventions — including title page presentation, pagination, spacing, and margins — and integration of source and support material by citing sources within the text, using direct quotations, and paraphrasing

11.2. DNA Powerpoint

11.3. Reflection

12. Odyssey Soundtrack

12.1. SWLO: Work Ethic. Standards:10.3.1 Analyze the purposes and the characteristics of different forms of dramatic literature (including comedy, tragedy, and dramatic monologue)

12.2. Odyssey Soundtrack

12.3. Reflection