Mind Map Editor

Free online mind mapping and brainstorming
With MindMeister’s award-winning mind map editor you create, share and present mind maps right inside your web browser. There’s no need to download the software or update it manually. All your maps are safely stored in the cloud, where you can access them from your Mac, Windows PC, Linux computer, Chromebook or mobile device.

Mind Map Style

Choose between the classic mind map layout and org chart mode; keep your ideas neatly aligned or position them freely anywhere on the canvas.

Choose one of our beautiful map themes or customize your maps with different colors, styles and formattings. You can even upload custom background images to reflect your personal style or brand.


Share Mind Maps

You can easily share mind maps with friends and colleagues to collaborate with them in real-time. Just invite people via email or generate a shareable link in MindMeister. You decide who can edit the mind map or only view it.

Project Management With Mind Maps

MindMeister lets you turn ideas into actionable tasks directly inside the mind map editor. You can assign tasks to collaborators, set priorities, add due dates and indicate progress using a simple task widget. For a more elaborate project management you can use MindMeister’s integration with MeisterTask and seamlessly sync tasks between your mind map and an agile project board.

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Mind Map Presentations

MindMeister is both mind mapping and presentation software in one! Our online version lets you turn mind maps into stunning presentations within seconds and present them right inside the map editor. Slideshows can also be exported, broadcast online or embedded.

Mind Map Templates

If you don’t want to create new mind maps from scratch, you can select one of our many practical mind map templates from the library to save time.


More Mind Map Features

MindMeister offers powerful features to style your mind maps, add additional information in the form of attachments, export mind maps to other formats and much more!

Images, Videos & More

Enrich your maps by adding notes, links, icons, images or videos to your ideas. With our miraculous WunderTools you can even let MindMeister do all the work for you!


Upload attachments directly from your favorite platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, ensuring that important files are included in your brainstorming process.

History Mode

MindMeister lets you play back the entire evolution of your map to see who contributed what and when. If something goes wrong you can simply revert to a prior version.

Import & Export

Seamlessly export your maps into one of the many formats MindMeister supports, like PNG, PDF or Word, or import mind maps from plain text and other mind mapping software files.

Publishing & Embedding

Once your mind map is finished you can publish it to the web, share it with your social networks such as Facebook or Twitter or even embed an interactive version of it on your website or blog. All public maps are also added to our vast mind map library.

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