Squarespace Template Marketing Workshop by Omari Harebin

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Squarespace Template Marketing Workshop by Omari Harebin by Mind Map: Squarespace Template Marketing Workshop  by Omari Harebin

1. The Opportunity

1.1. No official template infastructure

1.2. Continual demand for website templates

1.2.1. Starting point to make something their own

1.3. Alternate revenue stream + lead gen

1.3.1. Bolt on a shop

1.3.2. Spin off a new brand

1.4. What's the DIY version of your 1-on-1 service?

2. Logistics: How the heck does it work with Squarespace?

2.1. Example 1: Ghost Plugins

2.1.1. Guru Template Ghost Plugins - Free Squarespace Plugins and Templates

2.1.2. No Custom Images

2.1.3. No DIY videos

2.1.4. 5 Fully Designed Pages

2.1.5. 24hr Site Transfer

2.1.6. Custom CSS

2.1.7. Embedded Template Specific Guide

2.2. Example 2: Station Seven

2.2.1. Elise James Elise James Squarespace Kit — Station Seven: Squarespace Templates, Squarespace Courses, Canva Templates and Free Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

2.2.2. Zip with PDF and Files Instructions

2.2.3. Custom Images

2.2.4. Canva/PSD Templates

2.2.5. Template Specific Video Guides

2.3. Example 3: SquareMuse

2.3.1. Vancouver

2.3.2. PDF and

2.3.3. 24hr Transfer

2.3.4. Additional Setup Services

2.3.5. Advanced Template Video Guides

2.4. Example 4: SkyeHigh

2.4.1. All of the above + marketing copy guides

2.4.2. Aroma Daily (Squarespace 7.1) — Shop Skye High

2.5. Example 5: StorySite

2.5.1. Contractor StoryBrand Website Template | StorySite

2.6. How to template existing portfolio projects

2.6.1. The Email School https://theemailschool.squarespace.com/config/

2.6.2. BlockTower https://indigo-clementine-h44x.squarespace.com/config/ BlockTower Capital - Cryptoasset Investment Firm

2.7. Stock image sources

2.8. Using Squarespace Digital Products VS. Podia, Katra, Teachable, etc.

3. Marketing: How to "bake" it in the product

3.1. No one cares unless there's something in it for them

3.2. Goal: Make it about them

3.2.1. Feels "just for me"

3.2.2. Pleasure and relief

3.2.3. Maximize value for a specifc customer

3.3. How to know it's working...

3.3.1. Customers are enthusiastically lining up for and recommending this product

3.4. Start with your end user in mind

3.4.1. Who are they? Functional role Self-identify DIY or DFY

3.4.2. Why do they want/need a website?

3.4.3. Where are they coming from? Background with webdesign

3.4.4. What do they value? Time Money Experience

3.4.5. * What problem are they having that you are uniquely qualified to solve?

3.5. What makes your brand unique (to them)?

3.5.1. Strengths

3.5.2. Skills

3.5.3. Preferences

3.5.4. Interests

3.6. Test early and often

3.6.1. Start by looking for interest note who raises their hand email list

3.6.2. "Would this be useful to you?" yes, no, maybe so

3.6.3. Presell it Confrim with a sale Payment link


4. How to get to your first 100 sales

4.1. Interviews

5. Sales: How to optimize your product page

5.1. Feedback Loop

5.2. How to optimize product page

5.2.1. Video Product Demo How to use Review

5.2.2. Description Compelling Features Advantages Benefits Size charts/Additional info

5.2.3. Scarcity

5.2.4. Reviews/Testimonials Widget

5.2.5. Support Live chat Email / phone

5.2.6. FAQ Address objections and concerns

5.2.7. Ugency Why now? Sale deadline

5.2.8. Upsells/Crossells Upsell script Related products

5.2.9. Cart optimization Skip to checkout Checkout Notes

5.3. CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: MercPreci.co

5.3.1. Loom | Send a video. Not a thousand words.

6. Affiliates: How to setup a program and find affiliates

6.1. How it works

6.2. How I leverage it

6.3. Program options

6.3.1. Affiliatly

6.3.2. Tapfilliate

6.3.3. Peachs

6.3.4. Discount Code

6.4. How to find affiliates

6.5. How to empower

6.6. Expectations

7. Grow: How to scale and grow with content

7.1. Problem agitators

7.2. Mapping content to your customer journey

7.3. Curious

7.3.1. Completely unaware

7.3.2. Myths

7.3.3. Did you know?

7.4. Consideration

7.4.1. Somewhat aware

7.4.2. Problem aware The big Why What to AVOID Where to find How to solve Things you NEED

7.4.3. Solution aware Best of Reviews

7.4.4. Brand/product Product education Comparisons

7.5. Convicts

7.5.1. Fully aware

7.5.2. Case studies

7.5.3. Testimonials

7.6. --- Community ---

7.7. Conversion

7.8. Champions

8. Pricing: Choosing the right model

8.1. I've seen templates from $89 - $1800

8.2. Be Support Ready

8.3. One Time Purchase

8.4. Service Add-on and Upsells

8.4.1. Florence - Squarespace 7.1 — Squaremuse

8.5. Single vs. Multi-use Licenses

8.6. Subscription Based

8.6.1. Ghost Plugins - Free Squarespace Plugins and Templates

9. BONUS: Template Marketplaces

9.1. Creative Market

9.2. Etsy

10. Overview

10.1. I made this course to help answer all the questions I once had. While offering the accountability and support need to start serving through your termplate business

11. How to get paid to make your templates

12. 100K Template Blueprint

12.1. Can you make 100K Selling Squarespace Templates?

12.1.1. Yes or no? If no, why not? 1. No desire 2. You don't believe 3. Not a priority If yes, how?

12.1.2. What that looks like $274/day ~1 template a day or 83 members @ $100/mo

12.1.3. Where to focus What problem(s) are you solving with your templates? Maximizing cart value vertical horizontal response cycle How and where are people finding templates? Email List Marketplaces Directories Google Pinterest Ads Affiliates Instagram etc.