Good Product Ideas

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Good Product Ideas Door Mind Map: Good Product Ideas

1. Hangover, exhaustion cure.

2. A health sensing tracker bracelet for families.

3. Test the freshness of food and cleanliness of water.

4. A electro magnetic transportation system.

5. An app that connects you with people with similar intrests and are in your area.

6. Anti-Bullying App

7. A video shearing app for musicians.

8. Headphones that can translate different languages in real time.

9. A fully immersive AR gaming suit.

10. a real hoverboard

11. kayak that turns into a little sail boat.

12. Drone Delivery food service.

13. Add remover.

14. A personal customization brewer.

15. Quick Wireless charging for cars. Installed in parking spots.

16. an app that allows you to identify items based on AR

17. Waterproof Air pods

18. Anti Spill coffee mug

19. Phone case that is a taser.

20. Warming Jackets

21. Self Heating Gloves

22. Temp controlled Bluetooth smart pillow.

23. Electric Wheel converter kit for bicycls.

24. Smart water filter, that adds bubbles and can fill up and carbonate a drink. Also can flavor the drink and be controlled with your phone.

25. Paper shoes for people in humid areas.

26. Umbrellas with perforation for breath ability.

27. Air in a can.

28. Steak knives for Vegans

29. Coin pouch for cryptocurrency

30. Transparent Safe

31. A Cooling Microwave

32. Un foldable Paper

33. Un pop able bubble wrap

34. Plastic Detector for airports

35. pillow filled with sand or rocks

36. Glass Heels

37. Sand Boots for the dessert

38. Water soluble swim suits.

39. Swim trunks that float you

40. Vision app for blind people