Projectmanagement met MindManager

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Projectmanagement met MindManager Door Mind Map: Projectmanagement met MindManager

1. MindManager 7

1.1. Revamps project managent suite

1.1.1. the suite also boasts tight integration with Office that allows users to launch Excel, Word or other Office apps from within MindManager and import or export key project information between the two environments.

1.1.2. make it easier for business users to model, visualise and manage projects

1.2. Special 'task map' introduced

1.3. project management 'Jet Pack' for MindManager 7

1.4. JCVGant

1.5. alerts with tasks

2. MindManager 6

2.1. Mindjet Project Management white paper

2.1.1. primarily for visualization

2.1.2. use for project charter scope document WBS project dashboard project archive

3. Mindmanager 8

3.1. Task Planning

3.1.1. voorbeeld

3.1.2. verbeteringen roll up tasks faster dependencies

3.2. MindManager Web

3.3. MindManager 8 now automates the calculation of task information and completion percentages. It is also designed to roll-up task start/end dates and percentage completion of parent topics, based upon the status of their sub-topics. It can also flag past due tasks based on date criteria that you set.

4. conclusies

4.1. voordelen MM-gebruik

4.1.1. visualisatie

4.1.2. overzicht

4.2. Neem WBS als uitgangspunt (beperk scope)

4.3. Upgrade naar MindManager 7 of 8

5. tests

5.1. Export to MS Project

5.1.1. taken niet achter elkaar gezet

5.1.2. geen template mogelijk

5.1.3. Alleen laagste niveau taken invullen

5.2. WBS to PP

5.2.1. niet mooi, wel template mogelijk

5.3. WBS to Word