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Rollen in game industrie Door Mind Map: Rollen in game industrie

1. Vormgeving

1.1. Game designer

1.1.1. Responsibilities User play experience Working game-play At all level Collaborate With almost every other team member Brainstorm concepts Create prototypes Playtests and revise prototypes Write concept and design documents update it throughout production Communicate vision for the game to the team Create levels for the game Or work with level designers Act as a advocate for the player

1.1.2. Fills in for Producer

1.2. Writer

1.2.1. Responsibilties Writes the whole story (beginning, premise, ending etc) of the game and presents it to the other designers/artists.

1.3. Art director

1.3.1. Responsibilities Leads the team of artists and tells the other artists what do do and how.

1.4. Creative director

1.4.1. Responsibilities Keep consistent look and feel across a company's entire product line. Guiding game designers trough problems

1.5. Artist

1.5.1. 3D artists Responsibilities Texture Mapper 3D Modeling

1.5.2. Character designer Responsibilities Does research and creates the characters that are used in the game.

1.5.3. Illustrators Responsibilities Creates the illustration that are used in the game, for example the box cover or illustrations in the instruction booklet.

1.5.4. Concept Artist Responsibilities Create the environments of characters and works with character designer on characters

1.6. Interface Designer

1.6.1. Responsibilities Create interface elements that interact with the content Work with game designers to create a coherent user experience

1.7. Animators

1.7.1. Responsibilities Creates the animations of the characters in the game for the programmers to work with.

1.8. Lever designers

1.8.1. Responsibilities Designs and sometimes create the levels the player can play in.

2. Techniek

2.1. CTO

2.2. Programmer

2.2.1. Senior programmer Responsibilities Lead Programmers Oversee testing Document framework needs

2.2.2. Responsibilities Drafting technical specifications Implementing technical aspects Software prototypes Software tools Game modules and engines Data structures Management of communications Documenting code Coordinating with QA engineers to fix or resolve bugs

2.3. Specific specialization

2.3.1. Tools programmer Responsibilties Setup version control Setup testing framework Document API

2.3.2. Engine programmer Responsibilities Document Engine Platform control

2.3.3. Graphics programmer Responsibilties Document Graphics API Work with Game Designers

2.3.4. Database programmer Responsibilities Create database schema Maintenance Database Scaling Database

3. Management

3.1. Project leader

3.1.1. Responsibilities Lead Project Control Budget Main communication link Between developer and publisher Delivery of the game to the publisher as promised Presenting the team At conferences In the press Making tough decisions Hiring and firing employees Saying no to excessive resource or spending requests Appoint resources

3.2. Producer

3.2.1. Producer Responsibilities Schedule and budget Track and allocate resources Manage team To complete on time Creates the plan Motivate team Solve production related problems

3.2.2. Assistant producer Helps Producer with daily tasks Plans Agenda Identifies problems early on

3.2.3. Senior producer Oversee multiple productions Guides Producers

3.2.4. Development director When the game designer is also producer he takes over some conflicting responsibilities Oversees development in all sections

3.3. QA Engineers

3.3.1. QA lead Manage floor operations Manage resources

3.3.2. QA Engineer Responsibilities Create test plan Execute test plan Record Manage issues Retest after fixes Check if designs work properly Check if games functions work Review wireframes/Prototypes

3.4. Executive

3.4.1. Responsibilities Lead managers Ensure propper funding Make though calls Understanding trends Contact with press

4. Geluid

4.1. Sound Editor

4.1.1. Responsibilties Selection sound effects Mix recordings Editing Recordings

4.2. Voice Artist

4.2.1. Responsibilities Records the vocals for a character in the game

4.3. Musician

4.3.1. Responsibilities Compose and create the music played in the game.