Ksatria Medika

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Ksatria Medika Door Mind Map: Ksatria Medika

1. Knowledge

1.1. Resource Mapping

1.1.1. System Skills and Capacity Community engagement method Sistem Digital Manajemen Rumah Sakit Apung

1.1.2. Environmental Asset For future Research Map Sea Transportation Remote island community Urban agriculture

1.1.3. Physical Resources Pinisi Fuel Engine Boat Hospital Operation Room Medicine Medical Equipment Land Temporary Setup Tent Head Office

1.1.4. Human Resources Full Time Management Doctor Part Time Management Magang Volunteer Doctor

1.2. Floating Hospital Operation Procedure

1.2.1. 1. Identify the remote island

1.2.2. 2. Ask the health data from Minister and Person Incharge

1.2.3. 3. Contact the PIC, identify the health cases Patient check by PIC or local manpower

1.2.4. 4. Organize health cases category

1.2.5. 5. Identify the required procedure and medicine

1.2.6. 6. Identify the required doctor

1.2.7. 7. Open invitation to the doctor

1.2.8. 8. Arrange Ship route to the island and contact PIC on Island

1.2.9. 9. Arrange travel req for doctor and medical personnel

1.2.10. 10. Prepare local infrastructure for surgery

1.2.11. 11. Setup invitation for patients

1.2.12. 12. H-day, Patients Management

1.2.13. 13. Post event, arrange travel req for doctor and medical personnel

1.3. Sailing schedule

1.3.1. 2019 Sabudi, Raas, Kangayan (2), Sapeken (2), Bawean, Masolembo, Karemian, Arjasa, Pagurungan Besar

1.3.2. Route based on Invitation from Local Government

1.3.3. Schedule of public ship transportation

1.3.4. Month that available for sailing

1.4. Operation or NOT decision

1.4.1. Post Operation Monitoring

1.4.2. Care giver manpower count

1.4.3. Local Nurse for post operation monitoring

1.4.4. Expectation management for the patients

1.5. Lawyers

1.5.1. Preventive

1.5.2. indonesia

1.6. Future Dev

1.6.1. To connect as a "Community Development" movement

1.6.2. Long term commitment (5 year)

1.6.3. Short term planning (1 year)

1.7. Visi Misi

1.7.1. Pelayanan Kesehatan Spesialistik

1.7.2. Pendidikan Kesehatan Masyarakat

1.7.3. Lingkungan Hidup Pengolahan Sampah Rumah Tangga Kepulauan

1.7.4. Pengembangan Ekonomi Masyarakat Kepulauan

1.7.5. Penerapan Teknologi Tepat Guna

1.7.6. Penelitian

2. Financial

2.1. Income

2.1.1. Fundraising Gala Charity Event CSR Engage regular Donors Inkind sponsorhip Medicine brand / Pharmacy legal company Medical Equipment Company Ticketing Cargo Local Transport Pengobatan Mata Listrik dengan PLN Fuel dengan Pertamina Operating Equipment Donation via Existing App Tokopedia GoJek GoPoints Bukalapak Dana Desa

2.1.2. Projects Startup Event Organizer Training Pharmacy Medicine Distributors Invest at Medical Device Maker Campaign Local Entrepreneur Empowerment

2.1.3. Floating Hospital System "Franchising" Intellectual Property Rights Ship Design Hospital Ship Operation Procedure Floating Hospital "Medical Staff Internal Rules" Hospital Management System Brand Value Training for Trainers

2.2. Expenses

2.2.1. Yearly report

2.2.2. Transparancy

2.3. Management

2.3.1. Future Planning

2.3.2. Financial Management Tool

2.3.3. Reporting

3. Infrastructure

3.1. Pinisi Ship

3.1.1. Complete with ship crew member (full time employee)

3.2. Information

3.2.1. Manpower 50 up to 70 per H day operation

3.3. Equipment

3.3.1. Equipment available in Pinisi

3.3.2. Equipment borrow from Surabaya

3.3.3. Local (inland) Surgery Room

3.4. Organization Chart

3.4.1. Yayasan Ksatria Medika Director Head of Ship Operation Head of Medical Service & Programming Head of Finance and Logistic Head of Communication and Fundraiser

4. Network

4.1. Academic

4.1.1. University of Airlangga

4.1.2. SIDI

4.1.3. NASDEC

4.2. Business

4.2.1. Cooperate with other foundation

4.2.2. Doctor Share

4.2.3. Hospitals

4.2.4. Fund Source

4.3. Goverment

4.3.1. Pemda NTT

4.3.2. Ministry KKP Dirjen Pemanfaatan Ruang LAut Kemendesa Dirjen PDT Kemendesa Kementrian Kesehatan

4.3.3. Badan Pemerintahan BKKBN JaTim Pusat DinKes Dibiayai TNI AL PMI Bappeda BPJS

4.4. Public

4.4.1. UA-Alumni forum

4.4.2. Public Follower

4.5. Community

4.5.1. Doctor community Hospitals University Association

4.5.2. Foreign Community Frans Seda Foundation Mercy Ships Friendship Bangladesh

4.5.3. Media Community Press Online Media Social Media Influencer

4.5.4. Related Community Sea Cleaner Community Runner Community

4.5.5. Kemahasiswaan KPLA (Pecinta alam FK Unair) WANALA (Mahasiswa pecinta alam)

5. Branding

5.1. Numbers Data

5.1.1. How many manpower

5.1.2. How many patients Health cases Operation table beds

5.1.3. How many volunteers Doctor Boat crew Mahasiswa

5.1.4. How many manhours

5.1.5. How much kilometer travel distance

5.2. Report

5.2.1. Social Impact Report

5.2.2. Health Impact Report

5.3. Story Engagement

5.3.1. Successful patients story The Smile One Year Later What happened on the island after

5.3.2. Story tentang island nya Public figure influencer

5.3.3. Story related health program Cancer Imunisasi Kusta Malaria

6. Discussion With Steve

6.1. Legal Entity

6.2. Prestige

6.3. Data for Branding purpose

6.4. IT resources (App)

6.5. Understand the need of company CSR

6.5.1. The Standard

6.5.2. Track Record

6.5.3. Proof

6.6. Identify more thorough the needs

6.7. Complete plan on stages

6.7.1. Preparation

6.7.2. Data

6.7.3. Present

6.7.4. Target

6.7.5. 5 years plan

6.7.6. How to continous

7. To Do List

8. Discussion With Bu Ery

8.1. Financial Sustainability

8.2. Organizational Sustainability

8.3. Is there any plan to have more armada?

8.3.1. Yes

8.4. Local stakeholder

8.5. Contract should be clear

8.6. The multiplier effect

8.7. Learning Module for the Program

8.8. Work with broaden network

8.9. Stakeholder Mapping

8.10. How to you brand yourself?

8.11. Make government / fellow governor as Ambassador to promote to other Gov

9. Discussion with Peter Kulve

9.1. Establish Backoffice

9.1.1. Physical office

9.1.2. Manpower

9.1.3. System

9.2. Connect to Friendship Bangladesh

10. Pengolahan Sampah

10.1. Pusat Studi