Platform Office 365

Office 365 with technical, organisational, service and communication aspects

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Platform Office 365 Door Mind Map: Platform Office 365

1. Communication

1.1. Target groups

1.1.1. Policy makes

1.1.2. Champions/Key users

1.1.3. End users

1.2. Goals

1.2.1. Everybody recognizes this collaboration and communication environment as good, safe and reliable

1.2.2. I need to participate to make this change a success

1.3. Means

1.3.1. Blog

1.3.2. Newsletters

1.3.3. Community Yammer?

1.3.4. Roadshows Forcus on 1 use case Personal Files Collaboration with files Smarter Meetings Find the Expert

2. Organisational Impact

2.1. IT-organisation

2.1.1. Adoption Training Coaching Community

2.1.2. Support Central Office 365 Center of Excellence, 3rd line support De-central

2.2. Business

2.2.1. Adoption Training Coaching Champions/Key users Sandbox Rules for Play Community

2.2.2. Governance Board members Key users CISO Privacy Officer Service Owner Office365 Architects HR Communication Policies and Rules of use Security/Compliance Creation and disposal Sites/Teams/Mailbox/OneDrive Which services Roles and responsibilities External users User profiles and privacy Roadmap Services Timeline based on use case priorities Microsoft Roadmap Inrichting Platform Communities (Yammer or Teams) External/Internal Structures OneDrive owners (offboarding) Search design Branding SharePoint/Teams Baseline security Plug-ins/Add-on/App store

3. Technical foundation

3.1. Network

3.1.1. Firewalls Ports Rules

3.1.2. Bandwidth Calculation Exchange Audio/Video Teams OneDrive SharePoint

3.1.3. DNS MX records A records TXT records SRV records

3.1.4. Whitelisting Cloud domains

3.2. Workplace

3.2.1. Mobile Mobile Device Mgmt Apps Teams Outlook SharePoint OneDrive Office Lens Office Authenticator Remote wipe Encrypt 2FA Authenticator App

3.2.2. Desktop/Laptop Windows Office version OneDrive OneNote Teams Local storage Browser settings Linux Office Online OneDrive Online Mail clients Teams Online Browser settings Apple Office version OneDrive OneNote Teams Local Drive Browser settings

3.2.3. Unknown guest workplace Minimal requirements Support?

3.3. Tenants

3.3.1. Test

3.3.2. Acceptance

3.3.3. Production

3.3.4. Baseline configuration

3.4. Authenticatie/Provisioning

3.4.1. Identity Access Management User attributes Email address (UPN) First, Last name Manager Office Location Department Country (licentie) Tel. number Photo Naming conventions Groepen Security groups Mail groups Dynamic licence groups?

3.4.2. Licenses Which Services per user role Assign licences to users (via groups?)

3.4.3. ADFS 2FA Branding Login page Error page Internal/External access Via internal (or VPN) network Via internet if you are external AND your device is not registered then enforce multifactor? Federation Allowed domains Blocked domains

3.4.4. External users Azure Business 2 Business

3.5. Data storage

3.5.1. Microsoft Cloud SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business New Home drive? Azure Storage? Exchange Online

3.5.2. On premises Existing file storage / shared drives Exchange

3.5.3. Hybride SharePoint hybride Exchange hybride

3.5.4. Data storage policies

4. Service

4.1. Service Level Agreements

4.1.1. Reporting

4.2. Strategic meetings Microsoft

4.3. Support

4.3.1. Incident and Problem Mgmt

4.3.2. Change/Release Mgmt

4.4. Roadmap

4.5. Contracts

4.5.1. Licence management