Learning: Communication and Collaboration

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Learning: Communication and Collaboration Door Mind Map: Learning: Communication and Collaboration

1. Some theory

1.1. Contructivism

1.2. Social constructivism

1.2.1. Vygotsky

1.3. Mindtools

1.3.1. Papert

1.3.2. Jonassen Not distinct tools Way of using them Cognitive partner (tools to think with)

1.4. Social learning

2. Technologies

2.1. Resources

2.1.1. Text Text books Encyclopedia

2.1.2. Audio Podcasts Portable (personal players) Learn while you commute? audioboo

2.1.3. Video Instructional videos Source: youtube Source: Khan Academy

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Synchronous Chat Skype Web conference Live classroom Video conference

2.2.2. Asynchronous Email Discussion board i.e. Blackboard discussion boards Wallwisher? Blogs Blogger SMS Texting Social networking User generated content Comment and rate (Like) Facebook (but...) Twitter (but...) Edmodo (like facebook, but private) PeerWise (Social creation of multichoice questions) Diigo (Social bookmarking) EverNote Voicethread

2.3. Construction

2.3.1. Text Google docs Wordprocessor Presentation Spreadsheet Forms

2.3.2. Audio Voicethread

2.3.3. Video Live video media college Vimeo video school Animation xtranormal GoAnimate Pencil

2.3.4. Visual/graphics Mindmeister Glogster Prezi Wallwisher

2.3.5. Web design Blogger (Create blog) Google sites (Website) Weebly for education Wix (Website)

3. Devices

3.1. Desktop computers

3.2. Laptops

3.3. Tablets

3.4. Smartphones

3.5. Personal media players