Te Ara Production Workflow Tool

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Te Ara Production Workflow Tool Door Mind Map: Te Ara Production Workflow Tool

1. TAWA Tool

1.1. Audit of bloated TAWA

1.1.1. Proceed with cutdown version

1.1.2. Cut Losses and Cancel

1.1.3. Re-architect to fit requirements

1.2. Uses SubVersion Repository!

1.3. Open Source

1.3.1. Apache Web Server

1.3.2. Subversion

1.3.3. PHP


2.1. For Workflow Plus

2.1.1. Expensive?? can leverage some existing licences Long-term most costly

2.1.2. Leverages Office!!

2.1.3. Ties us to Microsoft! Proprietory Not Cross-Platform More Support Available

2.2. Can also use as EDRMS!!

2.2.1. Ties in with Corporate EDRM plans

3. ICE

3.1. Integrated Content Environment

3.1.1. Cross Platform Editorial Tools!

3.1.2. Research & Repository Focused!

3.1.3. Multiple Word Processor Support

3.1.4. Can it integrate with Adobe Suite??

3.2. Open Source

3.2.1. Apache

3.2.2. Subversion

3.2.3. PHP

4. AIR

4.1. Adobe Development Tool

4.1.1. Enables Rich Media Output

4.1.2. Would need Custom Development!!

4.2. Integrates with Adobe Bridge & Version Cue

4.3. Semi Proprietary System

4.3.1. Can integrate with Open Source Elements

4.3.2. Is a 'Glue' type Tool


5.1. Desktop to Webtop

5.2. Convergance of Web and Desktop Metaphors

5.3. Delivery of Rich Media Experience

5.4. IT's NEW - not Web, not Desktop App, Interactive RME