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Everything Open and Free by Mind Map: Everything Open and Free
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Everything Open and Free

Crowdfunding, Social Lending

Free High School Science Texts, CK-12 Foundation

FLOSS Manuals, Wikieducator, Wikibooks

I. Aspects of Openness



Shareability ("Forkability")


II. Enablers of Openness

Open Definitions

Open Code

Open Access Publishing

Open Licences

Open Standards

Open Data

Open Facilitation

Open Governance

IV. Practices of Openness

Open Knowledge & Science

Open and Free Software

Open Designs

Open Hardware

Open Currencies

Open Capital & Ownership

Open Funding Practices

VI. Products of Openness

Open Textbooks

Open Journals

Open Government Data

Open Courseware / OER

III. Infrastructures of Openness

Open Collaboration Spaces

Open Collaboration (Technical) Platforms

Open Spectrum, Open Mobile, Open Cloud and Open Media

Global Village and Neonomadic Infrastructures

Physical Infrastructures for 'Open' Life: Open Manufacturing, Distributed Energy, Food/Agriculture

Open Meeting Infrastructure

Open Funding Infrastructures

Open territories

V. Domains of Openness

Open Education

Open Science

Open Business

Open Government & Open Politics

Open Spirituality

Participatory Process

Commons-oriented Output

VII. Open Movements


Institute for Distributed Creativity



VIII. Open Consciousness

Open Subjectivities

Open Intersubjectivities: the new Relationality

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