Space Exploration

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Space Exploration Door Mind Map: Space Exploration

1. Mars Exploration

1.1. What is the Curiosity Rover doing now?

1.2. Is landing humans on Mars feasible?

1.3. What would happen if we were to find fossils on Mars, i.e., extraterrestrial life?

1.4. Could establishing a permanent human colony on Mars be feasible?

1.5. Should we allow companies to mine the planet for resources, once transport becomes feasible?

2. Funding Problems

2.1. Should the government continue to fund space exploration?

2.2. How much money should be devoted to space exploration?

2.3. Should funding be left to private donors?

2.4. Where would the money come from?

2.5. What is the return on investment for space exploration?

3. Study From Earth

3.1. How can we get more people involved in this subject?

3.2. What does astronomy contribute to human society?

3.3. How does the exploration of space from Earth impact the physical exploration of space?

3.4. Should more money be spent on orbiting telescopes or surface telescopes?

3.5. What is the interaction between NASA and university researchers?

4. Private vs. Public

4.1. Should funding come from the public or the private sector?

4.2. Should NASA be phased out?

4.3. Should the government continue to be involved in space exploration even if NASA is dissolved?

4.4. How do private companies finance their space exploration?

4.5. Is it ethical to allow companies with economic interests at stake to control this area of science?

5. Colonization

5.1. Would an extraterrestrial human colony be a viable solution to the over-population of Earth?

5.2. What would be necessary for humans to establish an extraterrestrial colony?

5.3. Where would humans establish a colony?

5.4. What jurisdiction would Earth have over the new colony, and what would prevent a Civil War?

5.5. How would the transport of food and other supplies between a colony and Earth work?