How did Greek culture flourish throughout Greece, Egypt, and Asia?

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How did Greek culture flourish throughout Greece, Egypt, and Asia? Door Mind Map: How did Greek culture flourish throughout Greece, Egypt, and Asia?

1. He was a hellenistic scientist and he accurately estimate the value of PI, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and explained the law of the lever.

2. It is not similar because in Epicuranism, they believed that gods had no interest in humans.

3. Greek, Egyptian, Persian, and Indian.

4. Koine, it means common.

5. It was the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic civilization. It's thriving commerce enabled it to grow and prosper.

6. It was located in Egypt.

7. Euclid is a high regarded mathematician who taught in Alexandria. His best known book was Elements.

8. New ideas in navigation and agriculture were important for Nile River and travel on Mediterranean Sea

9. What are some of the scientific achievements of the Hellenistic culture?

9.1. The Pythagorean theorem and the Archimedes screw.

9.2. Ptolemy's view of the universe

10. Hellenistic culture dominated much of the world after Alexander the Great's death. How did Greek culture spread?

10.1. Answer: Through War and Trade

11. Why might Alexander have founded a library in Alexandria?

11.1. He valued the ideas of knowledge/education

12. Why might astronomy, math, and physics have been promoted in Alexandria?

13. What was Stoicism? What was Epicureanism?

14. What is Realism in Sculpture? Give example

14.1. Natural works of art instead of serene face and perfect body of ideal man or woment

15. Why did Alexandrian scholars work in several disciplines instead of focusing on just one area?

16. What Egyptian city became the foremost of what commerce and hellenistic civilization?

16.1. Alexandria

17. Who is Euclid? What was his best known book?

18. where was Alexandria located?

19. why was Alexandria important and what enabled it to grow?

20. What was the popular language used in hellenistic cities? What does this word mean?

21. What were the four influences that blended into Hellenistic culture?

22. Epicurus founded a school of thought called Epicuranism, is this similar to what Christians believe?

23. Who was Archmenes and what did he contribute to the world of science and math.