Individual work # 5 Done by Marie Kovalenko

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Individual work # 5 Done by Marie Kovalenko Door Mind Map: Individual work # 5             Done by Marie Kovalenko

1. I discovered lots of new words from this wonderful movie such as blizzard, versatile, sleet, chapped, forecast, to wiggle, errands, jack, humdinger, gust, to floss etc.

2. The protagonist - a selfish weatherman who consider himself as a celebrity.

3. Rita - a beautiful and clever lady producer who falls in love with the protagonist, when he changes.

4. I think, the main idea of this movie is to teach us that we can change. But, only when we really want it and when we are ready for this change.

5. If I were trapped in some kind of time warp, firstly I would probably act like Phil did. Because, we all need to go wild sometimes. And I hope, sooner rather than later I would do my best to help everyone I can and to save the world.

6. On one hand, I desire to see my own future. Just to know, which person I'll become, what people will surround me and how will the world look like. On the other hand, life is more fascinating, when it's unpredictable and when you don't know what happens next.

7. Ned Ryerson - such an annoying character. But it was real fun to observe their communication.

8. Also, If I were trapped, I would learn everything I could. For example, physics, math, art, astronomy, chemistry, world history etc.

9. If I were in Phil's shoes, I would never try to get Rita's attention in the same way he did. Because, it's obvious from the first look that she's kind, smart and gorgeous woman who needs something real, not one night stand.

10. I've heard that the film was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". I believe, the whole team deserves it.