Public Education In African American Dominate Cities

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Public Education In African American Dominate Cities Door Mind Map: Public Education In African American Dominate Cities

1. Thesis: African American education is a critical part to our success in humanity, without it, we will fall into the norm of being “unsuccessful” and fall into a statistic, a statistic of not graduating high school, and not going to college. With African American education, its challenging especially for public schools that are in poverty stricken cities with low family incomes and classes that are not challenging African American students. Public schools not competing well against other more suburban schools due to the lack of funding and resources for student resources.

1.1. National high school graduation rate - Whites: 78% - Blacks: 48% (, para 2).

1.2. “Progressives claim that the major problem afflicting U.S. public schools is a lack of funding”(, 2014, p. 4).

1.2.1. “Congressional Progressive Caucus member Maxine Waters laments that “educational systems ... are failing” because “we don't really invest” in them.” (, 2014, p. 4).

2. Ideas

2.1. Idea 1

2.2. Idea 2

2.3. Idea 3

3. Background

3.1. The way the system was set-up in the early 1800's, it was set up for African Americans to fail. During the time of the Civil rights movement, political figures voted against African American education in the early 1900's. Ever since than, African Americans been looked down on in education to this day, because of the educational structure.

3.2. "Of all the ethnic groups in this country, African Americans are the only ones who came involuntarily. We are descendents of people who were kidnapped from our native Africa and enslaved in this country for more than 350 years under the worst possible human conditions. Our people were stripped of everything: language, dignity, religion, family units, wealth, customs, culture, history, and other measures of humankind. The United States Constitution made slavery a legal practice until being repealed by the 13th amendment, which was ratified December 6, 1865. Our plight cannot be compared to any other group who have since come to these shores, regardless of the criteria used. Even in light of the great experiment of desegregation, African American students suffered the greatest burden and losses of this failed reform and again find themselves the target of educational politics as to their location and the schools they attend." (Jackson, 2014, p. 11)

3.3. This issue as been going on since the 1800's when African Americans were not allowed an education. The cause of the issue was the government and educational system, they did not want African Americans to have a proper education, but at first didn't want us to read and write.

4. Opening: What kind of school did you attend and or graduate?

4.1. Problem: African American students are below par in High School and in College. The issue is that there may not be enough motivation in students in today's society. Also, in public schools there are not a lot of resources the students can use at the school. Because of this its hard to get ahead in school.

4.2. Goal 1

4.3. Goal 2

4.4. Goal 3

5. Body:

5.1. From the Journal of Educational Controversy. "Under-representation in programs for the gifted and other advanced courses, school activities other than sports teaching; as counselors and administrators in P-12 system and of African American faculty and administrators in post-secondary institutions graduation rates, science and technology classes; higher level mathematics" (Jackson, 2014, p. 15)

5.2. Possible Solutions

5.2.1. “Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calls for greater “investment” in education at every level.” (, 2014, p. 4). If more money was invested into Public Education, than the rate for success in African American should increase significantly because they can increase the level of knowledge with greater resources and assistants. If there's a lack of resources than African Americans can not compete with other schools that excel in these areas that we cannot match.

5.3. Personal Experience

5.3.1. At Thurgood Marshall in Dayton, Ohio, To save revenue the school cut out philology, physics, calculus, and cut down on gym classes Most of my Friends dropped out because of poor teaching and classes and they wasnt getting the proper help they needed.