The Power of Feedback

This is a sample mind map.

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The Power of Feedback Door Mind Map: The Power of Feedback

1. Characters

1.1. Protagonist

1.2. Sidekick

1.3. Antagonist

2. feedback

2.1. consequence of performance

2.2. correctional review

2.3. task or process

2.4. gap between what is understood and aims to be understood

2.5. can be given by teachers, peers

2.6. intentionally sought or not intentional

3. Author

3.1. Name

3.2. Date of birth and death

3.3. Nationality

3.4. About

4. Features

4.1. FT-high low complexity; individual/group;written or numeric FT more effective when providing written comments than grades

4.2. FP relates to students' strategies for error detection; reduce the gap between current knowledge and the goal;more effective than FT; enhancing deeper learning; self-assessment> self-appraisal, self-management

4.3. FS-praise on the task and on the effort/self-regulation

4.4. Chapter 4

4.5. Chapter 5

5. 3 feedback questions

5.1. Where am I going?

5.2. How I am going

5.3. Where to next?

6. 4 levels

6.1. FT=feedback on the task

6.2. FS=feedback on the self as a person

6.3. FP=processing of the task

6.4. FR= feedback on self-regulation