Youth in agriculture

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Youth in agriculture Door Mind Map: Youth in agriculture

1. Dutch

1.1. Policy

1.1.1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1.1.2. Ministry of Economic Affairs

1.2. Civil Society

1.2.1. SNV Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) Employment, access to finance, ICT

1.2.2. AgriProFocus Employment

1.2.3. Youth Food Movement (partner of Slow Food Youth Network) Network

1.2.4. Cordaid Employment, education

1.2.5. Hivos Employment

1.2.6. Akvo ICT

1.2.7. ICCO Employment

1.2.8. FNV Mondiaal Employment

1.2.9. Edukans Employment, education

1.2.10. Proportion Vijana Reloaded Employment

1.2.11. ICS Vijana Reloaded Employment

1.2.12. Solidaridad

1.3. Knowledge

1.3.1. CDI Employment

1.3.2. INCLUDE Platform Employment

1.3.3. KIT Employment

1.3.4. ICRA Employment

1.4. Business

1.4.1. Accenture

1.4.2. Fair&Sustainable Employment, ICT

2. International

2.1. Policy

2.1.1. African Development Bank Employment

2.1.2. IDRC (Canadian government) Employment

2.1.3. UN FAO Employment ILO Employment IFAD Employment, access to finance, access to land

2.1.4. African Union NEPAD Employment

2.2. Civil Society

2.2.1. YPARD Employment, ICT

2.2.2. IAAS

2.2.3. Slow Food Youth Network Climate smart agriculture

2.2.4. Global Youth Innovation Network (GTYN) Employment

2.2.5. Mkulima Young (Kenya)

2.2.6. Global AgroEcology Alliance (GAEA) Climate smart agriculture

2.2.7. Climate-Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN) Climate smart agriculture

2.2.8. Prolinnova Employment

2.2.9. IITA Youth Agripreneurs Employment, education

2.2.10. ACED-BENIN ICT, Employment

2.2.11. Agribusiness TV

2.3. Knowledge

2.3.1. Young African Researchers in Agriculture (YARA) Employment

2.3.2. CGIAR CIAT Employment, ICT

2.3.3. Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) Employment, education, access to finance, ICT, value chains

2.3.4. Forum for Agricultural Research Africa (FARA)

2.3.5. African Youth Forum for Science and Technology (AYFST) ICT

2.4. Business

2.4.1. MasterCardFoundation Employment