Self Regulated Learning (SRL)

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Self Regulated Learning (SRL) Door Mind Map: Self Regulated Learning (SRL)

1. Op eigen prestaties gericht, vaardigheid verbeteren t.o.v. huidige vaardigheid

2. Op vergelijking met prestaties van andere studenten gericht

3. Onderzoekt redenen waarom studenten aan de slag gaan met hun (onderwijs)taken

4. Three Cyclical Phases

4.1. Forethought Phase

4.1.1. Task Analysis Goal setting Strategic planning

4.1.2. Self-Motivation Beliefs Self-efficacy Outcome expectations Intrinsic interest/value Learning goal orientation mastery oriented performance oriented Personal Goals Classroom Goals

4.2. Performance Phase

4.2.1. Self-Control Imagery Self-instruction Attention focusing Task strategies

4.2.2. Self-Observation Self-recording Self-experimentation

4.3. Self-Reflection Phase

4.3.1. Self-Judgment Self-evaluation Causal attribution

4.3.2. Self-Reaction Self-satisfaction/affect Adaptive/defensive

5. What is it?

5.1. Not: mental ability/academic performance skill

5.2. Self- directive process by which learners transform mental abilities into academic skills

5.3. one of six domains of self-regulation

6. Examples of SRL Strategies

6.1. Self-Assessment

6.2. Wrapper Activity

6.3. Think Aloud

6.4. Questioning

6.5. Reciprocal Teaching

7. Three Sources of SRL

7.1. Active/Executive Regulation

7.2. Dynamic Self Regulation

7.3. Interest-creating discovery model

8. Experts

8.1. Pintrich

8.2. Zimmerman

8.3. Shunk

8.4. Shapiro

9. Bandura

10. Three Components

10.1. Cognition

10.2. Metacognition

10.3. Motivation