Alexander Narritive

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Alexander Narritive Door Mind Map: Alexander Narritive

1. Levi Strauss' (binary opposite)

2. Binary opposites is the theory that the narrative is driven by a conflict for example good vs evil.

3. There a a few binary opposites in Alexander. Good vs Bad (the oldest brother and his girlfriend), Old vs Young(dad on a job interview), Intelligent vs Dumb(alexander vs a classmate), Tallented Vs Non-tallented (oldest sister vs siblings), popular vs Unpopular (Alexander vs boy)

4. Barthes (action and enigma codes)

5. action codes move the narrative along allowing the story to unfold and engage the audience

6. action code in Alexander is his wish

7. an enigma code is a mystery that keeps the audience guessing about certain factors of a situation

8. Enigma code in Alexander is the car

9. Toderovs Equilibrium theory

10. Equilibrium theory has 5 steps. 1) the equilibrium is nice and everyone is happy 2) The equilibrium is disrupted by something 3) recognising that it has been broken 4) repairing the equilibrium 5) Equilibrium restored and peace can resume.

11. equilibrium in Alexander is that everyones lives is going just fine. disruption is that

12. Prop's character types

13. this is the theory that the narrative is driven by the characters. so if a film follows the hero he saves the day.

14. The character types in Alexander are. Alexander is the hero. the entire family is the princess. and the villain is the wish